More Bumper Stickers for Tea Drinkers

Awhile back my tea lover’s brain got inspired by a bumper sticker that said something like “Honk if you like cheese” to start thinking of ideas for bumper stickers that my fellow tea lovers could display proudly for the world to see. Lately, more ideas have come to mind, so it’s time to present another round here.

Steep a cuppa and sip while you read these!
Steep a cuppa and sip while you read these!
  • “I’m Uppa for a Cuppa!” — Who knows, maybe someone will signal you to pull over and then hand you their travel mug full of a lovely Taiwanese Oolong or some stimulating Chun Mee.
  • “Steep It Strong!” — Let those road hogs know that you are not a wimp, either when it comes to the tea you drink or when you’re cruising down the highway!
  • “Tea Drinkers Love Being in Hot Water” — What? You’ve never sipped your tea while soaking in a hot tub?
  • “Gaiwan My Way?” — Show your affinity for that cute little lidded steeping cup with this clever bumper sticker, and you could find yourself the lead in a caravan back to your house. Be prepared to serve up a nice pu-erh or oolong or even some green tea, all suitable for multiple steepings in that little gaiwan.
  • “I’d Rather Be Having Tea” — If you tend to live in a big urban area with lots of expressways, like Los Angeles or San Diego or even Chicago, this is the bumper sticker for you. It can tell your fellow sufferers in that traffic jam just what’s on your mind (and possibly theirs).
  • “Bagged Tea Is for Wimps” — Okay, so there are some good bagged teas out there, especially when you cut open the bags and steep the tea leaf pieces loose in the pot. Beware when displaying this bumper sticker, though, since another driver might challenge you to put your loose tea to the test vs. their bagged tea right there in the middle of the road!
  • “Two Leaves and a Buddy” — That two-leaves-and-a-bud combo is a sign of a special quality tea and is worth sharing with a buddy, on the road or at home.
  • “Tea — The Low Caffeine Choice” — Lots of folks think they have to avoid tea because of caffeine, but the amount is so low compared to coffee that it’s not really an issue. Let others around you know this good news as you go to and fro.
  • “Give Me a Tea Break!” — That’s “break” as in stop what you’re doing and have tea vs. “break” as in drop the teacup (hopefully empty and not one of your good bone china cups) on the floor. The first is good; the second is definitely not good, especially if the teacup is not empty as is a collectible.

As always, pay attention first to your driving and only read these bumper stickers when it is safe to do so, which would not include going full throttle down the highway. Wait until you’ve slowed to half throttle!

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