All a-Twitter About Tea

Ah! Tea leaves in the field
Ah! Tea leaves in the field

The so-called “social media sites” like Twitter and Facebook have been around awhile and have had a definite impact on people’s lives. This tea lover is no exception.

Almost three years ago now I began to delve more deeply into knowing about a beverage I had enjoyed all of my adult life: tea. That led to a blog where I would extol the joys of living the “tea life” where everything in my world would relate in some way to this wonderful liquid. But the old saying “build it and they will come” doesn’t quite work with blogs. “Write it and they will read” did not exactly happen either. One possible reason was that everybody and his next of kin were also blogging. Blog – blog – blog… well, you get the idea. How do you, with your limited time to spend on such things, select what is worth that time and what is not? And how do you even find those things that are worthwhile?

Social media to the rescue!

Being on Twitter is a natural way to promote your articles about tea, knitting, your stubbed toe, or whatever else spurs you to share with the world. You write, you post, you tweet. What could be simpler? Of course, while you’re writing, posting, and tweeting, so are a huge chunk of the people on this planet. So, how do you focus your tweets? One thing I did was go to “Who to Follow” on Twitter and search for “tea.” I got a gazillion hits, including women named “Tea” (pronounced “TAY-uh” or “TEE-uh”) and the now infamous political movement known as the “Tea Party.” Hm…tricky business. I picked a few, looked at who they were following, picked some of them to follow, and the rest, as the saying goes, is history.

The next step, obviously, is to tweet about your articles. Usually, just the title and the URL are enough to get folks you follow and who follow you clicking and reading.

What benefit do you get from this as a tea lover? More exposure for your blog, but also more access to the blogs of other tea lovers. Plus, you can start following tea companies and hear about special deals, chat with the person doing the company tweeting, and maybe even get invited to sample their teas.

Don’t forget that there are lots of things that go with tea, like baked goods and nice jewelry and apparel to wear at tea time and places to go have some tea, that are also being tweeted about on Twitter. So you can follow some of those folks, too.

Yes, the world is all a-Twitter about tea, so start tweeting and see what it’s all about!

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