Here is the 2nd of the baker’s dozen (13) of recipes that I selected off of a foodie site since they seem to really fit this bill of going great with tea. This is a more unusual recipe to serve with tea but seems to fit this time of year.

After reading my take on these, you might want to try out the recipe with a pot of the tea named and assess the pairing for yourself.

The recipe: Simple Summer Couscous Salad

Simple Summer Couscous Salad

Simple Summer Couscous Salad

Tomatoes and cucumbers and scallions — oh my! Two years ago, the cook presented this most yummerlicious looking salad on her site. She had presented it as perfect for your Memorial Day Weekend luncheon. It’s a real “beat the heat” dish. The recipe calls for fat-free chicken stock, but you can sub a nice vegan style broth. I made it with the chicken stock, and hubby said I achieved very satisfactory results (the recipe is simple enough for even me to handle).

Fresh ingredients will assure a fresh-tasting and satisfying treat that deserves a wonderful tea with a flavor and aroma to contrast with it.

The tea: Golden Heaven Yunnan

Golden Heaven Yunnan

Golden Heaven Yunnan

My tea choice may not be yours, but having actually made the salad and had it with this tea, I can attest that the combo is worth trying. Golden Yunnan is climbing my personal scale of faves, but still remains some distance behind Keemuns, Assams, Ceylons, and Darjeelings. It is a tea that I can enjoy both straight and in a more British-style serving manner with milk and sweetener. In fact, it is even a tea that can take the chill, delivering a refreshing peppery punch during the heat of the Summer.

Hope this works for you. Feel free to comment here with your experience, and watch for the next pairing to be posted in June.

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