Dads and a Special Tea Time

Fish in Lake Latte Travel Mug
Fish in Lake Latte Travel Mug

Father’s Day is in June, a month known in the U.S. as big for weddings. I guess the idea is that fathers end up giving brides away at these weddings. Just a theory. One thing for sure is that Father’s Day is a great occasion for a special tea time with Dad!

There’s a theory out there that men think tea is wimpy and for women. Oh, I know there are lots of “tea guys,” like another writer for this blog William I. Lengeman III. But overall men in the U.S. see tea time as a dainty affair, where pinkies get pointed, tea is steeped in pretty bone china teapots and poured into matching cups and saucers, and foods are served in bite-size pieces. To these men I say, “Oh, yeah?”

Check out this lineup of manly tea time items:

Some manly teas

English Breakfast Blend No 1
English Breakfast Blend No 1

These teas are strong in flavor and appeal to the male palate, generally speaking:

  • English Breakfast Blend No. 2 — A strong tea with some fruity notes, great at any time of the day.
  • Yorkshire Harrogate — Full bodied with a deep, rich flavor, our Yorkshire Harrogate tea is blended from a luxury black tea.
  • Orange Spice Black Tea — This tea combines the tangy taste ofFlorida oranges, with fresh cinnamon. Natural high grownCeylon tea from estates at more than 5500 feet above sea level and natural flavoring.
  • Scottish Caramel Toffee Pu-erh Tea — Get your Scotch on with this unique blend of flavors fromScotland andChina, a sweet, burnt, sugary cupful.
  • Nine Bend Black Dragon Tea — Nine Bend Black Dragon Loose Leaf is a classic China Black tea. This tea is full bodied with deep burgundy depth and delightful oaky notes.

Of course, many men enjoy more subtle tea flavors, like you get from these teas:

Some manly teawares

At the risk of sounding a bit sexist here (if I haven’t already with any of the above), I have to say that guys’ hands are generally larger. “Man hands” have a trickier time dealing with those dainty teacups with their tiny handles. Something beefier is required. And since Dads are guys, giving them a beefy mug or teapot is a good idea. There are plenty of designs from which to choose:

Colmans Original English Mustard
Colmans Original English Mustard

Some manly tea time foods

The first thing that probably comes to mind here is BBQ and cookouts. That means ribs served up with lots of Heinz Baked Beans 385g, or plenty of hotdogs and hamburgers hot off the grill served up on a bun slathered in Colman’s Original English Mustard or a more exotic version such as Lakeshore Wholegrain Mustard with Irish Whiskey. Of course, you could whip up some shepherd’s pie or spread some marmite or vegemite on a thick slice of bread.

Some manly tea gift baskets

Put some of each of the above in a gift basket, or buy a ready-made basket with a similar assortment. Be on target with a Bull’s-eye Deluxe Father’s Day Gift Set, remind Dad how special his is every day at the office with a Gourmet Desk Caddy Gift Set, and show you care about him with a Healthy Delights Fat Free Cholesterol Free Gift Basket.

The Gourmet Connoisseur Gift Chest
The Gourmet Connoisseur Gift Chest

Okay, that’s all there is to it. Now, get going and make sure your dad has a special tea time!

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