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"Yorkshire Tea saved my lamb's life"
“Yorkshire Tea saved my lamb’s life”

You don’t have to look too hard to find a silly news headline these days. One of my favorite tea-related ones in recent weeks comes from the British press. It’s the one that claims that Yorkshire Tea Saved My Lamb’s Life. While I thought I’d heard of many, if not most, of the alleged health benefits for tea, somehow this one got by me. Apparently, said sheep had eaten poisonous rhododendron leaves but was saved by her quick-thinking owner, who proceeded to brew a very strong cup (8 bags per cup) of Yorkshire tea every two hours for two days. And that’s how it’s done.

From our Kinda Creepy Tea News bureau comes the one about “t-shirts that feel and look like human flesh.” As this article notes, they are grown in a solution of kombucha, tea, and sugar. Believe it or not. If you frequent the Disney Cruise Line and were itching to try their high tea, well, forget about it. As they announced a little while back, they’ll be ditching high tea in order to focus their energies on their brunch offerings. Say it ain’t so.

There’s a more cheery centennial observation this year than that one about the Titanic. It’s the one hundredth anniversary of the beloved Oreo cookie. They’ve come a long way from the tried and true basic model in this course of those ten decades and, as this article notes, are available in a wide range of flavors around the world. For instance, there’s a chocolate and peanut in Indonesia, banana and dulce de leche in Argentina, and you can feast on (fittingly) green tea-flavored Oreos in China.

On the gadget front, here’s an interesting take on iced tea from a Japanese company. Twist the cap on the bottle and it releases a small dose of powdered green matcha tea into the water. Give it a shake and it’s ready to drink. Which is truly a nifty bit of gimmickry, but I’m not sure if I see what the purpose is.

Fancy gadgets that aim to automate the process of tea making aren’t quite a dime a dozen these days (nor do they come cheap), but there seems to be a new one every time you turn around. Here’s one from Philips that certainly gets points for looking nice, if nothing else.

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