Bulk Tea — Not Just for Tea Shops

4lb Large Tea Canister for Tea Storage
4lb Large Tea Canister for Tea Storage

Can’t get through the day without at least one potful of English Breakfast tea? How about your daily cuppa Gunpowder or even a classic like Earl Grey? Some tea drinkers like a lot of variety. For them, buying in smaller quantities assures freshness and not having “tea ennui” set in. Others are creatures of habit, knowing what they like and wanting that tea on a regular basis. Some like to have friends in weekly for a tea party. In that case, buying teas in wimpy sizes just won’t do. Take a look at the bulk tea offeringsfrom some tea vendors. The advantages are many.

If you are a member of The Price Club or Costco, you know that buying in bulk reduces the unit (ounce, item, etc.) price. Of course, you also know that buying in bulk can have its drawbacks. For example, a gallon-sized can of diced tomatoes isn’t too good around the house unless you tend to make something like penne all arrabbiata for breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week (or one great big batch to feed the neighborhood). Tea is another matter.

When you buy tea in bulk, you get a great per ounce price for something that can most of the time be stored for quite awhile. No need to throw a big party for a crowd or start drinking tea like there’s no tomorrow (unless you really want to, of course). You can follow the old adage “divide and conquer.” Set aside the amount you’ll need for a few weeks and store the rest. Black teas seem to be the best for buying in bulk, but some oolongs and greens are, too, as well as pu-erhs which you can buy in those big round cakes or sizable bricks. Keep them away from excess heat, moisture, light, and of course in a suitable container.

Can’t get enough Gunpowder Tea? Buy in bulk and save!
Can’t get enough Gunpowder Tea? Buy in bulk and save!

Hubby and I are such fans of Scottish Breakfast Blend, English Breakfast Blend No. 1, and Borengajuli Estate, that we’re thinking a bulk purchase of each makes perfect sense. And at the rate we drink them, we may not even need to store any part of them.

If you’re gonzo for Earl Grey or other teas, go bulk and never worry about running out at a crucial moment. Time to get shopping!

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4 thoughts on “Bulk Tea — Not Just for Tea Shops

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  3. As a tea seller, I’d have to agree that you can save via bulk buying. For us, we accept wholesale orders (and therefore provide wholesale pricing) based on quantity as the main determinant. Really, that’s because our suppliers are the same. The reason that we can sell a kilogram cheaper than 100g is because we can buy 100kg of a source tea (to blend with) cheaper than 10kg.
    I always buy (other people’s) tea for my own consumption in 1 kilogram lots.

    1. A.C. Cargill

      Great to hear, Robert! I’m seeing bulk and wholesale offerings more and more. I consume so much English Breakfast Blend No. 1 and Borengajuli Estate Assam from The English Tea Store that bulk seems the way to go!

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