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Going Offbeat with Your Tea Time Fashion

You can go offbeat with your tea time fashion. Just think outside the ordinary. Don’t reach for the standard attire, and try out something else instead.

Do you avoid tea time because you think you need to dress up in frills and lace and suits and neckties? (I’m trying to cover both genders here.) Afternoon Tea was begun by the aristocracy in Europe (the story goes that it was the Duchess of Bedford, a lady-in-waiting for Queen Victoria, who began the tradition to tide her over between lunch and a fashionably late dinner), which makes all this “gussying up” at tea time come naturally to mind. The Red Hat Ladies have also done their share of conveying this idea. I, however, beg to differ.

Even your teacups can sport some offbeat tea time fashion! (Tea dyed scarf from CrafTea Designs. Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)
Even your teacups can sport some offbeat tea time fashion! (Tea dyed scarf from CrafTea Designs. Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)

I’m happy to tell you that there are plenty of alternatives out there. My Carhartt hoody, for one. But you needn’t stop there. You can just stick with what you wear every day. Denim jeans, T-shirts, Dockers®, sweat shirts and pants, shorts, tank tops, or whatever you find comfortable around the house (including pink fluffy bedroom slippers) can also be fine for tea time. Juxtaposing types of apparel can add even more personal style to your appearance. Maybe a black leather jacket with a lacy-collared blouse and a pair of those painters pants with all the voluminous pockets would be good. Guys, you could sport a tea-themed necktie with your pullover or T-shirt.

Another really offbeat apparel is a crochet accented tea-dyed cotton Summer top from CrafTea Designs. I don’t have this top but do have a couple of scarves and a headband. One of the scarves makes a very interested warmer for my teacup, sort of like a cozy for a teapot. You could also go with some of their jewelry designs, comprised of “tea beads” (handmade and containing real tea) surrounded by a crocheted “flower” and attached either to a cuff bracelet or a ring, or with headbands and hair accessories, or a smocked cotton knit babydoll top.

All of this doesn’t mean you have to go casual. Just as the pendulum of the clock swings from “tick” to “tock,” so can your fashion for tea time swing from casual to formal, including tuxedos and bright red formal gowns. There are also a number of designers who had their women’s wear, suitable for tea time, modeled on the runway for the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in October 2011. Yes, the nation that is the 2nd largest grower and exporter of tea in the world is going offbeat and leaving the saree behind, at least for those seeking something new.

Just bear in mind that if you’re seeing red at tea time, it may not be that tea in your cup; it could be that tea time guest in a little red dress, a red hat, or a pair of red high-heeled shoes.

More offbeat (and downright quirky) tea time fashion ideas can be found at these sites:

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