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Stopping for Tea in the Netherlands – Part 1

Waiting for the steep (Photo source: article author)
Waiting for the steep (Photo source: article author)

We all know how well chocolate and tea go together, so Pompadour’s description as a “chocolaterie patisserie tearoom” can only mean good things. And, as I found out for myself when stopping in there on a recent trip to Amsterdam, it does. Before I go any further, I will admit that they do not serve loose leaf tea, and therefore may fall foul of some of you tea lovers out there. But while I prefer loose leaf tea when possible, I do know how to get the most out of my bagged tea, and so in this instance I let my preference be overridden by the experience as a whole.

The fact that they advertise themselves as a tearoom at all is, in Amsterdam, fairly unusual. The Dutch today are bigger on their coffee than they are on their tea (although this was not always the case), and so finding places that serve decent tea can be a challenge. That said, every place serving hot drinks that we went into had several bagged teas, so it’s not a land entirely devoid of tea.

Knowing that I would be choosing from various bagged options, I went with Earl Grey. For me, it is a standard tea that is hard to go wrong with (although there always subtleties and differences between blends that diehard Earl Grey fans will have their opinions on). Besides, this was a mid-afternoon stop at a point where we needed an energy-boost as well as something to warm us up from the cold. Our decision made, we ordered a pot of tea for two, and were delighted to see that our tea was served with two miniature pastries. They were dense, moist, and tasted of rich almond paste—what a lovely surprise! As suspected, Earl Grey was a solid choice and did not disappoint. With an added splash of milk, it was exactly what we needed to perk ourselves up.

Deciding to indulge, we also ordered a few hand-made chocolates to sample (you can’t go into a chocolaterie and not order chocolates!), and enjoyed how the various flavours complemented our tea. All in all, a pretty perfect stop. And we didn’t quite get out the door without purchasing a few chocolates to enjoy later…with tea, of course!

More Amsterdam tea adventures to come.

A display of chocolates at Pompadour (Photo source: screen capture from site)
A display of chocolates at Pompadour (Photo source: screen capture from site)

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4 responses to “Stopping for Tea in the Netherlands – Part 1”

  1. […] Part 1 and Part 2 recounted some tea adventures in Amsterdam. Part 3 takes us to Delft, a small town about an hour outside of Amsterdam. Delft is most famous as a centre for ceramic production, specifically as the origin of the iconic Delftware. The town is also known for being the home of painter Johannes Vermeer. Between these associations and its accessibility from Amsterdam, we decided it was well worth a daytrip. […]

  2. […] having stopped in a lovely chocolaterie and tearoom in Part 1, I wasn’t sure what the next chapter of Dutch tea adventures would bring. But, as luck would have […]

  3. There are actually a few places in Amsterdam where you can drink loose leaf: “Wijs & zonen” and “Teabar” spring to mind, but there are more. Though quite rare. But then again I may spoil part 2. 😉

    1. Hi, Bram, your comments keep ending up in the Spam folder, so excuse us if some of your comments don’t get posted. We have hundreds of them every day and so usually just dump them. Just happened to catch this one. I don’t think you’ll spoil part 2 here. The writer will be presenting HER experience, which will be unique. 🙂

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