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The REAL Tea Boat!

Tea boats are very handy for those gongfu teatimes, as many of you who steep that way will attest. I first learned about these useful items from a tea lover on Twitter. Since then, I have acquired some Yixing clay teapots that are best used with a tea boat, but alas I have none. No problem, though, since you can rig up a “tea boat” from items in your kitchen, as hubby and I did. But we’re here today to talk about a very different and REAL tea boat!

Top 10 Afternoon Teas at Sea (Photo source: screen capture from site)
Top 10 Afternoon Teas at Sea (Photo source: screen capture from site)

Technically, it’s a ship. (Apologies to all my nautical friends.) Well, actually, it’s tea aboard a ship. Sort of like the Love Boat but with tea. But no Captain Stubing, Julie, Isaac, Gopher, and Doc. Just a spread fit for you landlubbers what’s gone on the high seas for that ocean voyage experience. And some are quite regal, such as the one held in the Queen’s Room lounge aboard a ship in the Cunard line.

One of the great things about cruise ships is that quite often your price of passage also covers meals, including teatime (they call it “free,” but that is not quite accurate since you are actually paying for it). More special teatimes, such as the Champagne High Tea (sadly, a misnomer) on Celebrity Cruise Lines, have a fee not included in your cost of passage. To my way of thinking, this is a better approach since you are not paying for a teatime you may not partake in. This teatime includes champagne in addition to teas, scones, and other delectables traditional to a British-style teatime.

You certainly needn’t travel the waves in one of those “floating palaces” to enjoy a “tea boat experience.” A Yacht will do, as will a Gondola, Houseboat, Ferry, Dutch barge, Dinghy, Cabin Cruiser, and so on. (See this list of boat types.) Check out the afternoon tea time on a classicly-designed yacht while you sail around Manhattan island. You could also consider this “High Tea on the Sea,” complete with sandwiches, cakes, scones, and a boatload of tea!

In the tradition of another writer on this blog, I will list some sources for you to find out more information (please note that none of these articles has a publication date, so check with the cruise line for the latest information):

One final note here: save a lot of money and just have a nautical-themed teatime in your own home. Ahoy!

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