Getting MisTEA-eyed

Tea is said to invigorate and soothe, but it can get you quite emotional to the point a being misTEA-eyed. You know, that state where you feel that lump in your throat and are bursting with such happiness that yours eyes tear up ever so slightly. Yes, tea can evoke such a state of being. Honest!

Oranges & Spice Teatime Gift Basket — a good way to start getting misTEA-eyed!
Oranges & Spice Teatime Gift Basket — a good way to start getting misTEA-eyed!

Here’s how to get misTEA-eyed:

Step 1 — Pick the Right Setting

Sure, you can grab a cuppa and gulp it on the go, but that’s not going to give you the feeling you’re seeking here. You need something to stir the heart and even the head. At home, it would be your dining room or even the living room or family room. Some of us are even so fortunate as to have a whole room devoted to tea. The main idea here is to decorate in a way that appeals to you. It could be overflowing with lace and pillows and flowers (fake or real) and shiny sparkly things like silver teapots or it could be your version of the Zombie Apocalypse. Ours happens to be a cross between Provence, Tuscany, and American Colonial (a style we call “Colonivenscany”). You can always opt for a teatime in some locale outside of your home, though. A favorite tearoom, a local park, even the food court at a shopping mall (yes, you can do it!). Whatever location suits your fancy and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling all over (and that allows food and drinks to be consumed there). I’d love to hang out at a special exhibit at an art museum, sitting in front of one of my favorite paintings and discreetly sipping my Alishan, but alas that is a no-no in most art museums.

Step 2 — Pick the Right Tea

Yes, there is a right tea — it’s the tea that’s right for you. No one can tell you which tea that is. Only you can know. I go on a lot about the travesty of adding various bits of this and that to lovely tea leaves. It just seems like such a waste, not being able to taste and appreciate the tea for all of the apple or apricot or cherry or pecan or mint or cinnamon flavors dominating. However, the popularity of flavored teas with things like these added is a testament to your varied tastes. So, select what appeals to your palate. You won’t get that uplifting feeling from something you don’t like. If you have been bold and explored some finer teas that can be steeped multiple times and whose flavors need some of your time and attention to fully appreciate, then by all means serve up one of them at this special teatime. Some Peony White Needle White Tea or Nine Bend Black Dragon Tea (a personal fave) have flavors best appreciated when sipping and that are sure to bring a bit of a tear to your eye.

Step 3 — Pick the Right Time

Lastly, be sure the time is right. No rushing around getting this or that done. No deadlines looming or villains to subdue. And postpone saving the world for an hour or two. This is “me time” where you get to focus on you. Some of us have very little of that. And when we do take a moment out for ourselves, we don’t really get to enjoy it. Our minds are too full of the things we need to be doing. So, clear your mind, turn the clock toward the wall, steep your tea and enjoy. You deserve it!

If all of the above doesn’t get you misTEA-eyed, well, start over at step one and see how it goes in a different setting with a different tea and a different time. Enjoy!

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