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A Valentine’s Day Tea Gift Basket

The Biltmore Vanderbilt Teapot (Photo source: The English Tea Store)
The Biltmore Vanderbilt Teapot (Photo source: The English Tea Store)

I want to make one thing very clear: my dear husband doesn’t need a special day to surprise me with flowers, candy, or other little gifts. But in case he should happen to want to get me a nice little something for this lovers’ holiday, I’m happy to help him out with a few suggestions …

He could start with a beautiful seagrass basket from a local gift shop. I have several of these in my tea room/library already, as you can see in the second photo here, and can always use another. And then he could fill the basket with:

  • This teapot from the Vanderbilt collection that will remind us of our fifteenth wedding anniversary visit to the Biltmore estate in Asheville, North Carolina.
  • A tea cozy in a pretty blue pattern of cranes in recognition of my love for origami.
  • Tea towels for tucking things into the basket. Perhaps this one featuring a teapot composed of tea names, or another one embellished with a charming embroidered teapot. Or both – you can never have too many tea towels!
  • A pair of bright pink Moroccan tea glasses. Perfect for elegantly sipping our morning tea together.
  • At least one package of scone mix. I’m particularly fond of the oatmeal variety. And a bag of chocolate chips or chocolate-covered raisins to mix into the scones. Because what would Valentine’s Day be without chocolate? The scones will be especially good baked in this heart-shaped baking pan.
  • Lots of “shalom” with this pretty heart-shaped silver necklace.
  • These toasty warm socks with hearts knitted right in for a chilly February morning.
  • Several little Victorian style heart-shaped soaps, or heart soaps with embedded images of cats or dogs.
  • Speaking of cats and dogs, we need something for the kitties – perhaps these heart-shaped catnip toys. And for the dog, of course – like this toy heart that squeaks “I love you.”
  • Finally, there must be tea. Like this Spring Pouchong with its wonderfully floral bouquet, or a rare white Darjeeling White Tips to show me how rare and precious I am to him … and he is to me.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day everyone!

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