Recent and Upcoming Tea Books III

In my last incarnation of this column I devoted the entire space to looking at a few tea books that weren’t recent and upcoming but instead were eminently worthwhile titles that, for whatever reason, I hadn’t had a chance to cover before. While truth in column titling laws probably prevent me from doing that on a regular basis, I did happen to run across a few more older titles that I thought were worth mentioning, as well as some more recent ones.

(Photo source: The English Tea Store)
(Photo source: The English Tea Store)

In the older category, several of the titles happen to be written by one Roy Moxham. A former tea plantation manager in Africa, Moxham’s first book The Great Hedge of India, true to its title, took a look at a great hedge that wound its way across India for about 2,500 miles.

More to the point of this column was Moxham’s next book, Tea: Addiction, Exploitation, and Empire, which first hit the shelves about a decade ago. As the publisher would have us believe, it’s “a fully fascinating, and frequently shocking tale of England’s tea trade—of the lands it claimed, the people it exploited, the profits it garnered, and the cups it filled.”

In the time that I’ve been writing about tea, it seems that there’s been a great flurry of overviews about tea and tea history books. While it might seem that one of these was written by Moxham a few years back, A Brief History of Tea (which at 288 pages, is not all that brief) is actually an updated and revamped version of his earlier tea book. For more on Moxham and his works, refer to his Web site.

How did tea cosies change the world? I haven’t actually read Loani Prior’s book, which was released last year, but as nearly as I can tell How Tea Cosies Changed the World is merely a clever attention-grabbing title for the author’s third book about tea cosies and doesn’t actually tackle that question. Prior’s previous books – Wild Tea Cosies and Really Wild Tea Cosies.

If that’s not enough tea cosies (or cozies) for you, then be sure to take a look at Tea Cozies 3, which was also published last year and as the title suggests, is the third in a series of books by various authors.

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2 thoughts on “Recent and Upcoming Tea Books III

  1. Thank-you for the recommendations, William. I also liked John Griffith’s book Tea: A History of the Drink That Changed the World. Also not a small book, but quite fascinating. You can get it here
    [link removed per blog policy]

  2. Counting on your professional advice and opinion — as usual. I have just ordered the books since I feel as a tea connoisseur and educator one has to know as much as possible. Thanks for the recommendations.

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