Tea Blogging for Your Audience

Tea blogs abound and, as varied as they are, so are their audiences. Gearing your tea blog to your audience is essential to get the intended readership. (Pardon me, my marketing background is showing.) This is very often forgotten in the excitement of posting your tea adventures online for the world to see.

Tea blogging in video form is becoming more popular. (Photo source: The English Tea Store)
Tea blogging in video form is becoming more popular. (Photo source: The English Tea Store)

What is a blog? The term “blog” is short for “web log” which was supposed to be a post-it-as-you-think-of-it type of writing. Sort of like an online journal or diary. As with many aspects of the Internet, the potential was seen to do a lot more with these blogs than just post your cute kitty or the kids in their Halloween costumes, etc., as much as we all (yes, me, too!) enjoy seeing them. The reach of blogs across a full spectrum of ages, races, cultures, and locations quickly made them the medium of choice for everything from car fixit advice, gardening tips, access to government agencies and non-profits, and company info, to, of course, tea!

Plan Your Blog

So many blogs start off with great enthusiasm only to burn out their owners after a year or two. Some last a little longer, but the graveyard of dead or forgotten blogs is legion and growing. Especially about tea. One reason for this is the frustration of not being able to gain a big enough audience. While it’s true that people are gonna like what they’re gonna like, a bit of planning before you begin your blog can get you started in the right direction and keep you focused along the way.

The first step is to answer this question: “Who is your intended audience?”

Do you want to attract only other tea connoisseurs? Do you want to appeal to people eager to learn more about tea? Do you want to post items for other tea professionals? Depending on which of these (or others you might think of), you will then need to lay out your blog in a way that appeals to them, using a platform (Blogger, WordPress, etc.) that will be accessible to them (while being user friendly to you), and begin blogging accordingly.

A General Approach to Tea Blogging

Unless you are targeting tea connoisseurs and professionals, you may want your articles to be appealing on a variety of levels and on a platform that does not restrict your audience to only those who are also blogging about tea (peer support is great but doesn’t help you get the word out to those who want to learn more about tea). Also keep in mind online search engine access. Be sure the word “tea” appears on your blog with sufficient frequency for Yahoo!, Bing, Google, etc., to pick up your posts in their search results.

Post primarily about tea. Sure, a pic of the kids, pets, the tree that fell on the neighbor’s house, etc., are great to share. But too much gets you away from focusing on tea and confuses your audience, who will quickly go to another tea blog. All pictures and little or no text is okay now and then (not everyone has the time or inclination to write detailed posts), but try to at the very least describe what is in the photos. The person reading will often not have a clue what kind of tea leaves those are, for example.

Final Word Here

Have fun! Enjoy the blogging experience, or you will unwittingly convey your boredom, disinterest, etc., to your audience. Remember that you are promoting the second most consumed beverage on the planet (water is first). As such you are doing a great thing for mankind!

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2 thoughts on “Tea Blogging for Your Audience

  1. I wish I could sit, read other Tea Blogs, then write Tea Blog entries all day!! But alas…my real job takes all my time and my own Tea Blog (more for personal use anyway), tends to suffer. 😦 Thank YOU though, for your continued inspiration.

    1. A.C. Cargill

      Thanks much for reading! Yes, I recognize that not all who want to blog about tea have the time to do so. But taking time to read is also important. 🙂

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