Father’s Day Fine Tea Extravaganza

Before we get started, let’s clear up a misconception here: men like tea about as much as women do. Now, logically, since fathers are men (duh!), they will like a nice Father’s Day Fine Tea Extravaganza. Honest!

Tarajulie Estate Tea
Tarajulie Estate Tea

Fine teas are those that are considered top quality, often ones that have been harvested and processed by hand according to centuries-old traditions. They usually have flavor characteristics and complexities far beyond that daily tea Dad drinks. Time to introduce him to some of the better ones.

  • Nine Bend Black Dragon Tea — A classic (just like many dads out there) black tea from China. The aroma fresh out of the pouch is earthy, woodsy (some call it “oaky”), and very intriguing. The tea sort of glides over your tongue in a gentle flow of flavor. That’s the best way we know to put the sensation into words. Some tea drinkers have even said they’d give up coffee for this tea. Enjoy this tea plain or with a little milk and just a touch of sweetener. That woodsiness still comes through, and the milk smoothes the flavor even further. Perfect for Dad’s after dinner tea!
  • Dragon Pearls Green Tea — A premiere green tea made from the delicate top two leaves and bud of new season growth and then hand-rolled into small pearl shapes. They open up during infusion, putting on quite a show where you can look closely and see the “hairy down” on them — a true sign of a fine white tea. The flavor is it’s own reward, too, resulting from the time of harvest (only made from tea plucked in the first 3 weeks of the new season — late March/early April) and method of processing. Clear and rich with a substantial body and pungency that are unexpected considering the pale color of the liquid. The aroma is sweet and floral and will make your dad feel special.
  • Tarajulie Estate Tea — A 2nd Flush Assam tea that retains the malty character of most Assam teas yet is less overwhelming that way than some other Assams. Grown at 1500 feet above sea level in the beautiful estate of Tarajulie in the shadows of the Himalayan mountains on the Bramaputra River plain, this orthodox-style tea is pure delight. And your dad will get a kick out of knowing that elephants and tigers occasionally invade the tea gardens. I think they are looking to enjoy their own cuppa!

Treat your dad to one of these or a host of other fine teas in a Father’s Day Fine Tea Extravaganza. It will be a truly unforgettable experience.

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