5 Teas I Would Like to Explore More

If you are anything like me, there are always teas that you would like to try, or have sampled once or twice and have always meant to go back to. Here are five such teas that I would like to explore some more:

1 Yellow Tea – This is a more unusual type of tea, and one that many people have probably never heard of. I certainly did not hear about yellow tea until quite a while after I got into tea. A separate type of tea from white, green, oolong, and black, it is only produced in China, which in part explains why it is less well-known. It is a light tea that makes a nice alternative to a white or a light green tea, but it definitely has its own distinctive taste. I have only had yellow tea a few times, and so it is a type of tea that I would like to get to know better.

2 Devonshire Tea – This black tea is grown in the mountains of Kenya but packaged and sold by a company based in Devon, England. I drink a lot of black tea but tend to gravitate towards my tried and tested favourites. However, this is a tea that I have enjoyed in the past, and so I would like it to make more appearances at my teatimes.

3 Scottish Breakfast Tea – Of all the breakfast teas, this is the one that I have drunk the least. Time to get to grips with it, and do some serious breakfast tea comparison!

Scottish Breakfast Tea (ETS image)
Scottish Breakfast Tea (ETS image)

4 Pouchongs – A few months ago I explored the mystery of pouchong on this blog. But although no longer in the dark about this interesting group of teas, I still have a long way to go in terms of getting to grips with the various pouchongs out there.

5 Earl Grey Green Tea – Ok, I’ll admit that I am a little hesitant about this one. I have never tried Earl Grey green tea, being perfectly happy with the classic black version and quite enjoying the white version now and again. Somehow I just can’t imagine the bergamot flavour working as well with a green base. However, I am curious, and want to at least give it a try before I condemn it to the list of teas that I do not enjoy as much.

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8 thoughts on “5 Teas I Would Like to Explore More

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  6. I don’t have any intelligent things to say about the first three…but, on 4 and 5:

    I love Pouchong / Bao Zhong. It’s not the most diverse class of teas though…for the most part, the ones I’ve had have ranged from very good to very bad, but the good ones were pretty similar to each other.

    And with Earl Grey Green tea…I have a recommendation on that one. If you can get your hands on Hyson’s “Earl Grey Leaf Green Tea” — loose-leaf, large-leaf Ceylon green tea flavored with Bergamot oil…that tea was absolutely exquisite. (Hyson in this case is a brand, not the type of green tea–“hyson” can also refer to a type or grade of green tea, confusingly.) It may be a little tricky to obtain, but I heartily recommend going out of your way to get your hands on that one.

    1. A.C. Cargill

      For some reason, WordPress is suddenly posting comments without my approval. I had to unapprove this one until I could read it. You make good points, Alex, however the author of the article was speaking in fairly general terms of her personal experiences. Thanks for your input!

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