Teapot Styles — Asian Traditions

Awhile back I posted some info about a very Asian style of teapot: the Kyusu. I have also written about a distinctive style of clay teapot from the Yixing area of China. But others abound. They speak of hundreds, and possibly thousands, of years of craftsmanship building up and being preserved as an object of delight to tea drinkers today.

Some Very Asian Teapots

Asia encompasses a pretty wide swath of the land masses of this planet. We always think of China and Japan, but there’s also Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Tibet, Laos, Korea, Vietnam, and more. Each has its own culture and style, especially where teapots are concerned, although there are also common threads.

  • Zisha Clay Teapots — These special clay pots just ooze tradition. I found this lovely one online during a quick Yahoo! search. The handle and spout are stylish, yet functional. Matching sipping cups create a feeling of serenity.
(found through Yahoo! Images - originally from an article on Gongfugirl.com)
(found through Yahoo! Images – originally from an article on Gongfugirl.com)
  • Cast Iron Teapots — As dancer and tea blogger Elise Nuding shows here, cast iron teapots are not only traditional but seem to have never gone out of style. You know you’re in a good tearoom when they serve up like this. Plus, they can sit on an open flame and be used first to heat the water and then to steep the tea.
(source: Elise Nuding)
(source: Elise Nuding)
  • Fancy Thai Tea Set — This was posted on Facebook (my apologies but I neglected to note who had posted it) and I was told by fellow blogger Thomas Kasper, who currently lives in Thailand, that this is more of a ceremonial tea set, for show. That’s okay. Sometimes we need teawares just to beautify our surroundings.
(source: screen capture from Facebook)
(source: screen capture from Facebook)
  • Bronze Teapot from Vietnam — As seen pinned on Pinterest, this bronze teapot from Vietnam features a serene Buddha sitting on top, keeping the tea warm with his… uh, well, hm… best not to think about it. Another teapot that is highly decorative, but in this case also useful.
(source: Yahoo! Images)
(source: Yahoo! Images)

Usable or merely decorative, teapots with that Asian flair can be the perfect touch for a tea time that is focused on the tea.

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