Tea Developments, Monthly Report June 2013

June is iced tea month, but there’s been a lot more going on than that in terms of tea developments. Here’s a quick look at some that may not necessarily be new but are still not in the mainstream of tea drinkers’ awareness.

Leaf from Keyway Innovations seeks funding through Indiegogo website. (screen capture from PR video)
Leaf from Keyway Innovations seeks funding through Indiegogo website. (screen capture from PR video)

20 Teas Selected as Best for Serving Iced

Iced tea can be tricky, and some teas take the cold well while others don’t, as I have experienced first hand on numerous occasions, to the point of giving up on iced tea altogether. So, this competition (which actually took place on May 21st) was pretty important. The good news is the judges stated that overall quality is getting better. And the variety is higher, too. Both flavored and unflavored, sweetened and unsweetened, white, green, black, and oolong were selected. Great news for those of you who can’t live without a gallon or two every day during these hot times.

World Tea Expo in Las Vegas, held June 7 thru 9

Another gathering of tea vendors and eager tea drinkers braving triple-digit temperatures to show and be seen. Some events featured were: a demonstration of the tea leaf baking ceremony, a rollout of dozens of new tea products, and a discussion group of tea bloggers (yours truly not included). Sadly, one of their events was the “North American Tea Championship Winners Tasting Circle – White, Green, Oolong, Unflavored Herbal Teas.” (Herbal teas? Really? How very disappointing.)

India Tea Board Places New Requirement on Tea

According to Rajiv Lochan, a tea vendor from India, the India Tea Board has to approve import and exports. More government slowing things down maybe? Will have to see how this affects the market or if it will at all.

Tea Innovators Turning to Fundraising Sites

Kickstarter, Indigogo, and other sites are where inventive types can raise funds needed to develop their products more fully and bring them to market. One such invention is Leaf by Keyway Innovations, the cleverly innovative tea maker “that lets you truly enjoy the taste, brewing experience and health benefits of freshly brewed tea.” They are on Indiegogo and have a good start on reaching their funding goal. Got your own tea product idea? Check out some of these fundraising sites. You could be the next big sensation.

That’s it for this month. Will see what next month brings.

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