Tea and the Backgammon Game

Travel size! (stock image)
Travel size! (stock image)

There is nothing like a cuppa tea to make just about any activity seem extra special. Whether it’s reading a book, balancing your checkbook, or playing a game with your nearest and dearest, the event is somehow extra special. So it was with the first backgammon game hubby and I had ever played together.

We tend to play various board games once a week or so and at those times when the electricity is out due to a storm. Our favorite games are things like Scrabble, UpWords, Mille Bornes, Monopoly, and chess. We have had a backgammon set for over a decade but had not bothered to try it out. This was partly my fault. I had learned to play backgammon when dating someone before meeting hubby, and the game brought back those (ugh!) memories. Let’s just say that it was the only enjoyable thing about the experience. Time to shake off those disagreeable vibes and get some happy ones. (That happens with other things, too, where enjoying them anew with hubby makes them seem much, much, much better.)

The first step to enjoying any game, be it Candyland, Operation, Twister, poker, or any of the hundreds of others, it that freshly steeped pot of tea. Natch! You will want something stimulating yet that will not make you overly excitable and/or jittery. It should have a flavor that stirs the heart and mind and keeps you one step ahead of your opponent in the game. For us that meant some Lapsang Souchong. Hard to be anything but totally alert with that smoky goodness swirling around your palate and lingering long after that final swallow.

Other good options are Sylvakandy Estate Ceylon Black Tea that takes milk and sweetener so well and a floral and heady jasmine green tea. A big potful of either will last through several trips around the backgammon board.

Hubby and I usually play a civil game, no matter what game that is, and we stuck to that code even now as we struggled through the rules of the game. That tea certainly helped us retain a calm attitude as we figured out the ins and outs of moving little round game pieces from “point” to “point” and then eventually off the board. Like most games, this one seemed to have virtually no point to it other than just passing time. And keeping things civil meant no tossing those cupcakes at one another or otherwise behaving in a rather ruffian manner. One thing is for sure: hubby and I had much more fun playing Backgammon than I had had before. And it wasn’t just due to the tea and cupcakes!

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