Review of Earl Grey Green Tea from The English Tea Store

Type of tea: Green
Loose or bagged: Loose
Recommended steep time: 3 minutes

Another of the teas I wanted to explore more, Earl Grey Green tea from The English Tea Store was something that I approached with slight trepidation; the bergamot flavouring of Earl Grey is something that I associate so strongly with black tea that I was not quite sure how I would respond to it as flavour for green tea. I also had a vague memory of having tried an Earl Grey green tea before, and not having been that pleased. However, I decided to face my quasi-fears and delve into this interesting tea.

Earl Grey Green (photo by Elise Nuding, all rights reserved)
Earl Grey Green (photo by Elise Nuding, all rights reserved)

The English Tea Store’s version of Earl Grey Green uses Ceylon green tea and all-natural bergamot oil to flavour the tea. Although the recommended steep time is 3 minutes, I never usually steep my green tea for more than 1 minute, and so decided to compromise and try a 2-minute brew.

As I suspected, this was already too strong for me. A second try (with fresh leaves) for 1 minute and 45 seconds yielded much better results, although I feel that I could even go for less time than that. This reflects my personal tastes for green teas, so if you are one of those tea drinkers that enjoys strong green teas, you may well find that 3 minutes works well. However, I would caution against trying 3 minutes straight off, as it does tend to produce a brew with a little bitterness.

The bergamot flavouring in this tea is distinct, but manifests itself very differently in a green than in a black tea. Since I always take my black tea with milk, the absence of milk had quite an affect on the flavour. I noticed the floral tones much more in the green tea, and that might be partly down to the absence of milk, but it might also reflect the fact that I am used to drinking black Earl Grey; perhaps I do not register the bergamot flavouring as much in black tea as I am so accustomed to it.

Like many green teas, Earl Grey Green can be re-steeped for multiple infusions. I found that it re-steeps very well, and I enjoyed my second and third infusions (both steeped for 1 minute 30 seconds) even more than the first, perhaps because these brews were a little milder.

Earl Grey Green Tea (ETS image)
Earl Grey Green Tea (ETS image)

All in all, if you enjoy floral teas, you will most likely enjoy Earl Grey green. But even if you don’t tend to (and I am one of these), it is worth a try– it might just surprise you!

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