Mother’s Day Tribute: How Mom Saved Dad’s Life

Versailles Lavender Earl Grey (ETS image)
Versailles Lavender Earl Grey (ETS image)

Mother’s Day is a great occasion for each of us to express our appreciation for the woman who brought us into the world. Tea times and other party events are typical. In my case, it’s a special tribute, showing how Mom was a real lifesaver…literally! Steep yourself a nice cuppa, sit back, and see how it all came about.

Our existence is often a matter of chance. Some key event goes one way versus another and – poof! – you might not even exist. Thus it was with an event that occurred before I was even thought of. While Mom was expecting my elder sibling, Dad had a life-threatening incident. Thanks to Mom’s quick action, though, he was saved from that fate. Otherwise, there’d be no one here to write this article. Hm… I need to muddle that one over with a cuppa tea!

At that time, Dad had an old pick-up truck with a standard transmission. He was driving Mom to her doctor for her weekly check-up. Suddenly, he lost consciousness and leaned to the left against the driver side door which then popped open. Vehicles weren’t equipped with seat belts back then, so this all could have ended with him falling out on his head and/or the truck crashing head on into the vehicles coming towards them on the main street of the town. Acting instinctively, Mom grabbed him and the wheel of the pick-up at the same time. She didn’t know how to drive but managed to get the truck over to the street curb and turned off the engine. A passerby drove them on to the hospital where Dad was diagnosed as having had a mild stroke and heart attack together. A change of some lifestyle habits and his general diet assured him decades more of life and resulted in me and another sibling or two.

So, I pay her tribute as Mother’s Day approaches on behalf of myself, my siblings, and Dad. Cheers!

A special tea to toast with: Versailles Lavender Earl Grey Tea. The Versailles Lavender Earl Grey Tea blend is created from a luxury black tea, combined with traditional French lavender and England’s famous Earl Grey. It has a delicate floral bouquet that compliments the citrus character of bergamot. Lavender was a favorite scent in the palace during the reign of Louis XIV, especially for his bath water and soap. This will, therefore, make Mom feel quite regal as she sips the tea!

Pay tribute to your mom on this Mother’s Day. She’s surely done many heroic things, both big and small, on your behalf.

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