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The 6 Best Times for Tea

by Guest Blogger Sarah Rosalind Roberts

There’s nothing quite like a cup of tea. I love the saying that tea is like a hug from the inside, making you feel internally warm and fuzzy. It’s good at any point during the day, but there are particular times when nothing but cuppa can solve the situation.

Just What The Doctor Ordered - Get Well Tea Gift Basket (ETS Image)
Just What The Doctor Ordered – Get Well Tea Gift Basket (ETS Image)

Here are six examples:

1 The first cuppa of the day

For those of you who can’t function in the morning without caffeine, and even for those of you who have one just because tea is great, the first-cuppa-in-the-morning is like a magic elixir! It’s even better when you have it brought to your bedside if you’re having a lie-in.

2 After a long, hard day

This one is equally as important as the first brew of the day, but after a very busy day, it’s almost refreshing enough to wipe the slate clean to help you enjoy the rest of your evening.

3 At a car boot sale

In America you have yard sales. In England we call them car boot sales, where lots of people park their cars in a field and sell secondhand goods from their car boots (“trunks” in the U.S.). You normally start at the break of dawn, on sometimes cold and frosty weekend mornings, and a flask of tea is arguably the most important item you’ll bring with you whilst punters snap up your bargain items!

4 After hearing bad news

When someone says “I’m afraid I’ve got bad news,” the very British response is to offer a cup of tea. I’m not sure why this helps, but it sure does take the edge off a horrible bit of news. As long as you have tea, everything will be ok.

5 Just as you’re getting ill

When you think you’re coming down with a cold and you start to feel a tickly cough coming on, your nose is getting slightly blocked and it’s noticeably harder to get up in the morning – having a cuppa tea is almost like taking medicine, except it tastes even better. Plus adding a dash of lemon and honey works wonders!

6 Duvet days

Tea forms an integral part of any duvet day. Draw those curtains, grab that duvet and put the kettle on. Toasty on your outside, toasty on your insides!

Tea is perfect in so many different situations, and I welcome your additions to the list. Comment on the article to add your best times for tea.

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