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How to Celebrate National Hot Tea Month

If you love hot tea and are a festive person, then you’ll love January because it’s National Tea Month! Here’s how you can celebrate National Tea Month:

Enjoy a cup in a new location

Most of us enjoy a hot cup of tea at home or at the office but sometimes we all need a change of scenery. Try having a mug out in your backyard or out on a stroll. Travel mugs allow you to take your mug of tea wherever you go. Our pick for the perfect winter travel mug is the Royal Doulton Ceramic Travel Mug. The ceramic helps your tea stay hot while you’re out trekking through the woods or in a nearby park. Just be careful when out and about with hot tea.

Challenge yourself

Most of us make New Year’s resolutions like eating and drinking healthier. Others like a good challenge, like cutting back caffeine or drinking tea in the morning instead of coffee. Set your calendar and challenge yourself to drink green tea in the morning for 30 days or add an extra cup or cut back a cup of tea to your routine.

Treat yourself!

You probably spent a good chunk of time and money on Christmas presents for friends and family. Now it’s time to buy yourself something nice, like a teapot, or the Adagio Ingenuitea. It’s a different kind of teapot made in Taiwan using Tritan, a BPA-free plastic designed to handle hot temperatures. Simply add hot water to your pre-measured tea leaves and brew for the allotted time. Then, place the Ingenuitea on top of a mug and release, giving you crystal clear tea.

Get cozy

You can simply put on a pair of pajamas or a bathrobe, some slippers or socks, and put the kettle on. Sit by a roaring fire or curl up with a good book. As long as you have a hot cuppa, you’re celebrating!


Trivia: January 12th is National Hot Tea Day!

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