Using the Right Water for Tea

Tea WaterEveryone knows that good tea leaves are essential to making good tea. But what some folks forget is that the tea in our cup is mostly water, making the quality of the water as important as the quality of the leaves!

Here are some water-related tips to help you get, and use, the very best water for your tea:

Bottled Water

  • Many tea-drinkers swear by spring water to make their tea, but it is important to know that not all bottled water is spring water. Some of it is simply purified tap water, and some is distilled water, which will give your tea a flat taste. Read labels carefully!

Water Filters

  • A water filter is your best bet for eliminating odors and tastes that will ruin the flavor of your tea
  • Be sure to change filter cartridges regularly
  • If you have a pitcher or counter top filter dispenser, be sure to keep it clean as mold and other disagreeable substances can collect inside and give water an “off” taste

Fresh Cold Water is Best

  • Water that is fresh and cold has the best flavor and the most oxygen. Don’t be tempted to “cheat” and use hot tap water in order to achieve a quicker boil. Your tea won’t taste as good!
  • If you are using a water filter pitcher, fill it up each time you make tea. If stored in a refrigerator, water in a filter pitcher will take on that refrigerator’s odors

Bringing it to a BoilTeapots

  • Avoid using a microwave to heat your water, microwaved water can make your tea taste flat
  • Use a stove top or electric kettle to heat your water, and be sure to keep it clean and descaled

Ice Cubes are Water, Too!

  • If you enjoy iced tea, remember to use filtered water in your ice trays
  • If you have an ice maker, be sure to keep it clean and to change its filter regularly
  • Remember that the ice in your freezer will absorb any odors in your freezer

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