Afternoon Tea with the Ghouls

by Stephanie Hanson

Halloween is fast approaching. Halloween stores are booming and pumpkins adorn magazine covers at every checkout stand. People are also beginning to plan Halloween parties, but have you ever considered a Halloween tea party? Not exactly the frills and lace of a typical tea party, and yet, an original party idea.

Happy Halloween!Let’s start with the décor. Decorations can be as elegant or creepy as you like. For elegant decorations, think lots of sparkling pumpkins spray-painted silver. Or go more natural with small pumpkins. A small Halloween tree with wiry black branches and Halloween-themed ornaments like tiny spiders and bats also makes a great centerpiece. Use orange or black cloth napkins with bone napkin rings (think Fido’s marrow bone chew toy). Drape cheesecloth over candlesticks to suggest cobwebs and the feeling of a decaying manor house. Use tiny pumpkins as place cards. Martha Stewart’s website has a lot of fantastic décor ideas for Halloween, from creepy to cute.

Food is the really fun part. Halloween creates wonderful opportunities for creepy or cute cookies, cakes, and, of course, food that looks like body parts. You might also want to consider your audience. Make chocolate cookies and cut them in the shapes of bats and cats. Visit Martha Stewart’s site for a more literal interpretation of the popular dessert Ladies’ Fingers. Or make cupcakes and use a piping bag to ice them with a brain design. You can even pipe meringue into bone shapes. For your tarts, try Martha Stewart’s Jack O’Lantern Tarts.

Of course, what tea are you going to serve at this lovely event? Fall teas work well, such as pumpkin spice or apple. Any spiced tea will do to inspire those fall feelings. For a fun touch, make creepy looking labels for your tea tins or temporarily put your tea in glass jars and give the teas creepy names, such as “Spider Legs.”

Above all, use your “creativitea,” have fun, and of course, wear a costume. Perhaps dress as a box of tea!

Happy Hallowtea!

Visit Stephanie’s site, The Tea Scoop, for more great tea-related articles!

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