Tea on the Road

If you’re a casual tea drinker or if you don’t drink tea at all you might find it unusual the lengths that some tea drinkers will go to to make sure they have a supply of high quality tea when they travel.

The number of tearooms and tea houses in the United States alone has swelled at least ten times over in about the last decade. But North American culture is still dominated to a large part by the other hot drink – you know the one. If you’re not close to a tearoom or if you don’t have time to partake, it’s still possible to make sure that your tea experiences on the road are good ones.

There are a few obstacles you’ll need to surmount in order to drink good tea on the road. You’ll need to find a good source of water, a means to make it hot and a method whereby you can steep the tea without too much mess or fuss. These problems can easily be solved at home, but on the road they tend to become a little bit more problematic.

Seeking out good water while you’re on the road might be the easiest part of this process. If you don’t want to use hotel tap water, bottled water should be good for your needs. Heating water for tea could be accomplished by using the coffee pot provided in most hotel rooms, though you could end up with tea with hints of coffee flavor. If you’re really committed to road tea, an electric tea kettle is another great solution, one that comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices.

For steeping tea, the easiest solution is probably the tried and true tea bag. These days there are quite a few merchants who sell quality tea in gourmet pyramid bags. You can also buy a supply of empty pyramid bags and pack them with loose-leaf tea for when you travel. And, of course, there are any number of travel mugs, portable tea presses and whatnot that allow traveling tea consumers to handle this part of the prep tasks with a minimum amount of hassle.

Next time you hit the road, make sure to stop by William’s blog, Tea Guy Speaks!

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