Review — Golden Moon Temple of Heaven Gunpowder Tea

Golden Moon GunpowderName: Temple of Heaven Gunpowder

Brand: Golden Moon

Type: Green tea

Form: Loose leaf

Review: Poor gunpowder green tea often gets no respect. Sadly, this is because those that distribute the stuff often fail to source good gunpowder tea, and instead foist unappealing dark pellets of bitter tea onto their unsuspecting pubic. Fortunately, Golden Moon decided to source something a bit tastier.

Golden Moon’s Temple of Heaven Gunpowder tea is dark gray/green, tightly rolled into characteristic little pearls. The dry leaf doesn’t really smell like much, and after the tea infuses to a medium olive, full-bodied liquor, it’s nose is mostly of smoke. But the tea’s flavor is far more interesting and complex than the way it smells: The smoke blends with some vegetal notes that finish with a slight sweetness. While this is an intensely flavored green tea, I’d recommend it for green tea newbies, as the smokiness diminishes any potentially offensive grassy notes.

I was fairly careful in my preparation of this tea (see tips below), so it didn’t have any bitterness or astringency (though I’d note that preparing this with very hot water can bring out some harsher flavors). Instead, the tea is remarkably smooth, and while I wouldn’t say it tastes like coffee, the smokey notes, combined with the smoothness, reminded me a bit of some of the best coffees that I’ve tried. If you, or someone you know, want to kick a coffee habit, try substituting Golden Moon’s Temple of Heaven Gunpowder for your morning java. It may work very well.

Preparation: I used fairly cool water, about 170F when preparing this tea, and allowed it to steep for one minute on its first steep.

Serving Suggestion: This is an awesome food tea, so don’t be afraid to serve it hot, or iced, with a meal (I tried it with calamari and pea pods.). Also goes well with dark chocolate.

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