Steeped in Love

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many of us are trying to find new and creative ways to express our love. Flowers, candles, candy are all fine ideas, but have you considered expressing your affection through tea?  Perhaps there’s something about your lover that can be reflected in a blend of tea, which when explained will be sure to be one of the most special  Valentine’s messages ever!

You are the Sweetest!
With the additions of fruits that can be found in tea blends these days, it’s easy to show the sweet side of being in love.  Tell your Valentine how their love is the sweetest thing in your life – as sweet as Peaches, Pomegranates or Blueberries (in Black Tea).  Even Sweeter: include a special gift of exotic honey, because tea and honey go together like you and your honey!

You Spice Up My Life!
Let your passionate side move you by expressing the spicier side of your relationship.    Whether it’s a Hot Cinnamon Spice or a Bombay Chai –  inclusion of black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom is sure to send this message.  Added bonus:  Spices warm the blood and increase circulation –  this rush of blood is good for your heart!

Your Love Blossoms In My Heart!

Sure you could buy flowers, or you can find your favorite flowers in a blend of tea!  Instead of buying your love a rose – how about a Kyoto Cherry Rose Tea?  Relax with a gentle chamomile or fly to romantic French countryside with a lavender infused tea.  Best of all, these flowers won’t wilt!  So say it with flowers or enhance that bouquet with a matching tea!

Whatever and however you celebrate being in love this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget the steamy affair that starts with a warm pot of tea!

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