A Bathtub Full of Tea

Is there such a thing as too much tea? Perhaps there is but there probably aren’t too many tea lovers who would agree with this notion. The next time you’re looking to drink tea in mass quantities and are looking for someone to help out you might want to give Olly Murs a call. The singer and celeb recently set a world record by making a rather impressive 496 cups of tea in one hour. That’s more than eight cups of tea a minute, mind you. [Editor’s note: This record was broken recently by the folks at Devonshire Tea.]

Speaking of tea and quantity, have you ever thought about how much tea you drink in a year? In my own case, I’d have to say that it’s in the neighborhood of 2,000 cups. Which I probably wouldn’t have thought much about if I hadn’t run across this article by Imen, at the Tea Obsession blog. She measures her tea consumption in a somewhat different manner, guessing that she goes through perhaps 8-9 pounds of tea leaves in a year’s time.

If you were to assume, quite rightly, that the British were the world’s top tea drinkers, well, you’d be wrong. But more about the Brits and their tea drinking in a moment. The world’s top tea drinkers actually hail from Turkey, where the average citizen drinks about 2.1 kilograms per year. Over in Britain they’re running a close second, with about 2 kilograms downed per person every year.

To put that into perspective, according to one study, the average British worker will drink about 48,000 cups of tea over the course of their working life. That works out to about sixty 53-gallon bathtubs of tea.

Which might not be the most appealing unit of measure when it comes to tea drinking but it sure is a lot of tea. By comparison , consider that the average American drinks a paltry .2 kilograms a year, or about one tenth what the average Brit does.

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