We’ve Survived the Winter!

It’s been a long cold winter in my part of the world but spring is finally here. There are daffodils and crocuses everywhere, the birds are singing incessantly, the walking bundles of coats have turned back in to people and even the English have stopped moaning about the weather.

In my humble opinion it is absolutely the best time of year to be outside with a cup of tea.

There is still enough of a chill in the air that a hot drink is appreciated but there is sunshine to bask in and lots of new things to see poking up through the ground or gamboling about in the fields. A steaming mug is perfect for when you’ve dressed far too optimistically but can’t bring yourself to put another layer on, even though you’re freezing, because it’s so lovely and bright outside.

For me this is a white tea time of year. It calls for something fresh and light with that slight cut grass sweetness. Something healthy and positive, like those new years resolutions you broke three weeks ago. Perfect for wandering round the garden making ambitious plans you haven’t the slightest intention of carrying out.

If you’re wanting to go beyond your own doorstep you may need a different tea companion as I have yet to meet the thermos flask that didn’t utterly massacre the delicate flavour of white tea. A gunpowder green might be the ideal choice while the sap is rising and the world is waking up.

The black teas can take a well earned rest until the days have lengthened and we find ourselves in need of an iced drink again. They can have the odd cameo on those far too frequent days when spring decides to take a break and the rain forces us all back indoors to sit and moan about the weather again.

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One thought on “We’ve Survived the Winter!

  1. Debbie

    I can’t wait to start my daily garden walk with a wonderful cup of English Breakfast tea. I’m in Northeast Ohio so we still have snow on the ground.

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