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Cadbury Easter Candy: A Holiday Treat

There are few things that I enjoy more than hunting for Easter treats, particularly when the treats include a little (or a lot) of chocolate. Even better is when the treats are something that I can’t get at my corner grocery store, but are best classified as a “special delivery”. Fortunately for those of us in the United States, Easter Bunny doesn’t have to hop too far to get his paws on some Cadbury candies, imported from the United Kingdom by the English Tea Store.

Now many of you are probably thinking that I’m being silly: Most grocery stores in the United States have plenty of Cadbury products (including those marvelous Cadbury cream eggs with the yellow yolks). This is true, you can get Cadbury candies in the United States.

But they aren’t the same as those you get in Great Britain.

Most of the Cadbury chocolates sold in the United States are actually manufactured here by Hershey’s. If you want the same Cadbury chocolates that folks in the UK get, you have to either visit the UK or source them from a store that specializes in British imports. Many people, including myself, notice a real difference between Cadbury chocolates made in the UK and those made over here. While everyone’s tastes are different, I personally prefer the UK versions.

So what does the English Tea Store have for you to try? Well, in addition to the classic Cadbury egg, you can also try the wonderful and buttery Cadbury caramel-filled egg. Another great option is the Cadbury Flake egg set, which includes a large hollow egg, and three “Flake” bars, which are crumbly textured little chocolate logs, unlike anything sold here in the United States, strangely addictive, and great on ice cream. If you like a bit of crunch with your chocolate, try the Cadbury Mini Eggs, which are small chocolate eggs covered in a hard shell.

Now if you are thinking about what tea you want to drink in order to wash down your Cadbury candy, here are a few suggestions:  Keemun Panda is a strong, smokey blend that is a good foil to sweet chocolate. Another option would be a stout Assam, which can usually stand up to just about anything. On the other hand, if you get some warm weather at Eastertime, try Nonsuch Estate Nilgiri as an iced tea: Rich, clean tasting and resistant to getting cloudy, Nonsuch Estate produces one of the best “iced-tea teas” around.

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5 responses to “Cadbury Easter Candy: A Holiday Treat”

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  2. OK… so im a year late in posting… but im worikng my way through all your old posts and came to this one… having just finished a longtime-craved cadburys creme egg i just had to say i totally emphasize with you! i loveee creme eggs… and mini eggs would be a close second! As kids each easter my brother and I would dreaaam of big easter eggs filled with creme egg cream!! YUM!!!

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