20 Reasons to Drink Tea in August

English Breakfast Blend No. 1
English Breakfast Blend No. 1

August can be a real scorcher for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere. So, sit back and chill with your favorite tea while perusing these events to commemorate with a toast of the teacup.

  1. National Raspberry Cream Pie Day — August 1st — Oh my gosh, this is one of the best pies out there, so it’s no wonder there is a special day for it. I find a nice lightly steeped black tea is good. You might prefer a green or a lightly oxidized oolong.
  2. National Watermelon Day — August 3rd — I love the seedless kind. Well, it’s not completely seedless. The seeds are just a lot smaller and softer. In fact, I’ve eaten a bunch, and no, there are no watermelons sprouting in my tummy, even though I slosh down a lot of tea to keep the seeds well moistened.
  3. Work Like a Dog Day — August 5th — Herd sheep, point out that duck hiding in the reeds, or just bark at every squirrel who dares come into your domain. Ah, the busy life of a dog. Don’t forget some time to lap up a big bowl of tea.
  4. Wiggle Your Toes Day — August 6th — An especially good activity if you’re going to be at the beach. Bare toes in the sand — ah! Bring along some cold tea!
  5. National Lighthouse Day — August 7th — Many lighthouses these days are preserved as historic buildings here in the U.S. Enjoy a romantic tea time up in the top of a lighthouse tower.
  6. Book Lover’s Day — August 9th — Whether you have a new-fangled electronic reader thingy or, like me, stick with the old-fangled physical version, books still inspire passionate devotion. Select a book, a tea, and settle back for a good read (hopefully)!
  7. National S’mores Day — August 10th — Graham crackers, chocolate bars, marshmallows, and a campfire (or better yet, one of those portable patio chimeneas/firepits so you don’t end up setting dry vegetation on fire) are a great combo. I prefer a nice oolong or green tea.
  8. Middle Child’s Day — August 12th — They don’t get the privileges of the eldest nor the babying of the youngest, yet they still love tea!
  9. Left Hander’s Day — August 13th — Fortunately, teapots and teacups can be raised equally well by both “lefties” and “righties.” Smart design!
  10. Relaxation Day — August 15th — What better way to celebrate than with the beverage that stimulates and soothes? Tea!
  11. National Tell a Joke Day — August 16th — “A guy walks into a psychiatrist’s office with a pelican on his head…” (from My Favorite Year). I’m sure you can come up with something better. But no joking when it comes to tea!
  12. Bad Poetry Day — August 18th — “The was a young man with a stick…” — whoa! Not even going there. Better to have some tea.
  13. Aviation Day — August 19th — From the early days of Orville and Wilbur to the superjumbo jets, flying is now commonplace. The best tea service was on British Airways, with scones, clotted cream, strawberry jam, and breakfast blend tea.
  14. Senior Citizen’s Day — August 21st — Show respect for those who have survived “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” as The Bard put it, and acquired wisdom, too. Treat a senior citizen you know to a special tea time.
  15. Ride the Wind Day — August 23rd — Be it a kite, an airplane, or a bird in flight, nothing beats that feeling of cheating gravity. When your adventure is done, celebrate with your favorite tea.
  16. Vesuvius Day — August 24th — Another example of our active planet, the Vesuvius volcano really blows up a bit of a mess. Select a quick steeping tea that can be ready in 30 to 60 seconds. A nice pu-erh, for example.
  17. Kiss and Make Up Day — August 25th — Life is too short to spend it being mad with loved ones and friends. Just count to ten, steep a pot of tea, and all will be forgotten by then.
  18. Just Because Day — August 27th — You know, whatever, have some tea and, like, totally chill for no particular reason.
  19. Frankenstein Day — August 30th — Remember, “Frankenstein” was the doctor, not the creature he zapped back to life after sewing it together from this and that. Maybe if he had taught it to enjoy tea, the villagers wouldn’t have chased it with flaming torches. Tea is so civilizing!
  20. National Trail Mix Day — August 31st — The name “trail mix” has always seemed a misnomer. After all, it’s not made of rocks and twigs and — urp! — “other stuff” found on a trail. It’s yummy nuts, raisins, etc., that can go well with a nice cuppa tea.

These should keep you busy during August and give you an opportunity to dig into the back of your tea cupboard or pantry for some of those more esoteric teas!

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