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10 Super Things to Toast with Tea in September

Hello again, fellow tea lovers, time to explore special dates in September that are worthy of a toast of the teacup. Of course, there some well-known ones: Labor Day, the Autumnal Equinox (marking the first day of Autumn), and of course the 11th. Here, though, I bring out the lesser known occasions for your to explore and celebrate.

“Bob the Tea Bunny” with one of his fave Fall flowers: a bright yellow Chrysanthemum! (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)
“Bob the Tea Bunny” with one of his fave Fall flowers: a bright yellow Chrysanthemum! (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)
  1. Be Late for Something Day — September 5th — Just be sure you’re not late for tea time. In fact, make tea time the reason you’re late for something else — linger over that Darjeeling instead of rushing out to that meeting with the new client, sip that savory Assam rather than scurrying to your dental appointment, prolong that oolong experience for a bit and don’t worry that the kids missed their school bus (you can drive them in when the tea is done), and get sensual with that sencha as opposed to slouching at that weekly meeting where the same things get repeated over and over.
  2. Pardon Day — September 8th — This day you ask for or grant forgiveness, even for something as heinous as oversteeping the gyokuro or serving up burnt scones and rather rancid clotted cream. Yes, folks, even such feats are deserving of a pardon on this day!
  3. Swap Ideas Day — September 10th — From recipes to what to plant in that bed along the front of the house to which financial planner will better handle your investments to how best to market your fledgling company, sip your tea, nibble your McVitie’s Digestive, and get swapping!
  4. Defy Superstition Day — September 13th — It’s not on a Friday here, but the 13th day of any month is regarded as a day to take extra care and expect bad things to happen. Defy this superstition by engaging in 13 somethings: sipping 13 cups of tea, playing 13 games of hopscotch, chanting “I am not superstitious” 13 times, going around the block 13 times before pulling into your driveway, or whatever.
  5. Collect Rocks Day — September 16th — Rock collecting can be fun. How many of us as kids picked up a piece of quartz or granite and marveled at how it sparkled in the sun? As adults, we can go rock collecting, too, even occasionally finding something really worthwhile. Personally, the rocks I like best are rock candy! And they go great with tea!
  6. National Punch Day — September 20th — We are not sure with kind of punch is being celebrated here but are choosing to believe that it is the beverage (non-alcoholic version) kind, just because…uh, well, the other kind of punch hurts. You can make tea punch, too! Just add a cup of steeped black tea to 4 cups each of 3 different fruit juices and 2 liters of ginger ale. Add sugar or sweetener if desired. Serve on this day to show your respect to the tea punch fairies (those magical little critters who first thought up the idea).
  7. International Rabbit Day — September 22nd (always on 4th Sat in Sep) — Whether it’s that rabbit looking at his watch and then dashing down the hole or the Year of the Rabbit that brings tranquility and calm according to the Chinese Zodiac or maybe some rabbit stew served up in Australia with Billy Tea, today you can celebrate them all. Don’t forget Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit, whose image has graced not only books but scores of products including this gorgeous teacup and saucer set!
  8. Dog in Politics Day — September 23rd — A doggone good day that will get you barking glad to have a tea party.
  9. Confucius Day — September 29th — As a kid, I heard quite a few sayings by Confucius (551 BC – 479 BC) being repeated by the adults around me. These sayings had and have a widespread popularity. It might have been those Charlie Chan movies being reshown on TV at that time. One of my favorite sayings: “The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.” When it comes to tea, it’s great to talk about but much better to do. Get steeping!
  10. World Heart Day — September 30th — Tea is said to be very important for heart health, and it is certainly good for heartfelt situations with your sweetie. Let’s face it — tea is just good!

You’re all set for September now. Stay cool (or warm if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere) and steep up a few potfuls of tea and toast these and other special days this month. It gives you something to do in-between sips!

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