How to Experience the Adventure of Being a Tea Writer

Like to write? Love tea? Then, becoming a tea writer seems like a natural combination of those two interests. The adventure may not always go smoothly, but being a tea writer is its own reward!

Your teapots will gather around to try your new teas and be part of the writing experience. (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)
Your teapots will gather around to try your new teas and be part of the writing experience. (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)

About Writing and Tea

We are not all tea experts, nor even acquainted with tea beyond the basics of steeping a cuppa black tea using a tea bag. Yet, we can all write about tea as long as our imaginations, desire and ability to learn, and basic writing skills are sufficient for the task. Tea is such a part of everyday life for anyone who enjoys it that the stories and articles seem to flow naturally. I keep a notepad and pen handy whenever steeping tea and even when off somewhere sipping on that tasty cuppa. A good tip for those of you thinking of embarking on such a course of action!

Of course, you will find over time that your knowledge of and appreciation for tea will increase as your writing leads you to learn more, try more, and thus write more. You may even find yourself reviewing teas and going on Twitter and Facebook to tweet and post items about tea.

Your Teapots Will Want to Join In

Speaking of tea reviews, I was offered samples early on in my adventures as a tea writer and decided that they required a special presentation online, since many tea review sites were out there then (and even more are out there now). That’s when a little teapot buddy joined in. He volunteered to be icon and spokesperson, tooting about tea.

You will probably find yourself buying new teas from stores and online vendors (most offer sample sizes) just to see what they’re like, and your teapots will be clamoring to try them, too. This can be a bit of a hazard as a tea writer. You could find yourself buying more teapots. And those teapots need somewhere to sit when they are not actively engaged in the tea steeping process. You could find yourself needing a whole tea room to hold them all, not to mention the teacups, saucers, cream and sugar sets, etc. Yes, your assemblage of teawares will grow as you write about tea.

Starting Your Tea Writing Adventure

Are you drinking tea right now? If yes, then start writing about that tea. What type it is, how it tastes, what cup you are drinking it from, what teapot or other vessel you steeped it in, and so on. If not, go get a cuppa and then start writing.

The basics are always a good beginning. A lot has been written about these basics of tea, but you will bring your own perspective to them. You won’t be able to help it, and it will be a very good thing. Let your personality and a bit of humor shine through. And don’t forget to include a photo or two. From the basics, dive into some of the side streets of tea. Black Tea Boulevard branches out to Keemun, Assam, Ceylon, Kenyan, and more. Green Tea Avenue has cross streets that lead to Japanese, Chinese, Darjeeling, and many more teas.

They’re all waiting for you to write about them. Time to let the adventure begin!

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