Establishing a Tea Routine

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit out of whack with my tea routines. Which is to say, I haven’t really had any. The tea routines (rou-tea-nes?) I’ve had in the past have faded away, mostly due to the fact that my day-to-day schedule has changed significantly over the last month. Suddenly, the old routines do not seem to fit my comings and goings, and consequently I found myself drifting aimlessly through various cups of tea without a clear sense of order or direction.

Start a tea routine with the Afternoon Tea Gift Basket (Photo source: The English Tea Store)
Start a tea routine with the Afternoon Tea Gift Basket (Photo source: The English Tea Store)

While there is nothing wrong with aimless, inconsistent tea drinking (in fact, there can be quite a lot right with it), I find that routines are stabilising and can enhance my tea experiences. Consequently, I decided to revamp my tea routines and establish some new ones that are more compatible with my current schedule.

But how does one go about establishing a tea routine? While there is really no wrong way, here are a few things that I thought about when embarking on the development of my routines:

  1. If you are changing up your routine, rather than creating one from scratch, it might be a good idea to think about what in your old routines is not working for you. For example, you might be accustomed to drinking green tea in the morning. However, if you are getting up earlier than you used to and finding that green tea does not give you the boost you need, you might think about trying something with a higher caffeine content, such as a black tea.
  2. Be prepared to try out different ideas. The first one you try might not be a routine that will suit you as well as the second.
  3. Stick with each idea for at least a few days to allow you to get used to it—at first it might not seem like a good option purely because it is different.
  4. Make sure your new routine is one you can sustain. For example, brewing up a delicate, short-steeping tea in the morning might sound like a good idea. However, in practice, you may find that amid the morning rush, you often oversteep it, making for a not-so-desirable morning cup, or morning routine.
  5. Consider the effect of the seasons on your choices. This might even be the catalyst that causes you to change up your routine in the first place.
  6. Look to traditional tea routines, such as the Japanese tea ceremony, or Chinese gong fu preparation, for inspiration. These practices have lasted through the centuries for a reason, and you might find that some elements of those routines are ones you wish to incorporate into your own.

I find that having a routine to my tea drinking can heighten tea’s innate ability to calm and stabilise. But this is not to say that routines should never shift, change and develop. So, whether you are without a routine, or looking to change one up, have fun developing your tea routines!

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