What Tea to Drink for Halloween

Classic Monster Movies (Source: screen capture from site)
Classic Monster Movies (Source: screen capture from site)

What tea you drink for Halloween and thereabouts might have a lot to do with whether you’re human or creature. If you’re not sure which side of the fence you fall on, I can’t help you much with that. But read on and I’ll try to cover a little bit of each.

As a human (as nearly as I can tell) I find my preference for more robust teas increasing as the weather begins to cool and the days shorten. For me “more robust” means black tea. Which is a type of tea that I like to drink all year round, if the truth be told, but even more so when the icy winds begin to blow (“icy” being a relative term here in the Arizona desert).

I don’t care much for flavorings in my black tea but, if you do, that’s perfectly alright. Obviously, there are certain flavorings that, if not associated specifically with Halloween, are linked to fall, the harvest season, and the holidays in general. One of the most obvious of these is the great pumpkin, naturally. Which is usually paired with some sort of spice, as in the case of the Pumpkin Spice offerings listed here and here. And, of course, it’s not that big of a step from these varieties to masala chai, that old tried and true blend of spices and black tea.

What would Dracula drink? Well, assuming that the old Count was denied his favorite beverage, one has to assume that he’d go with a nice red “tea,” better known as rooibos or redbush. Which is a tisane, to be perfectly technical about it, not tea in the strictest sense.

White tea, of course, with perhaps just a dash of ectoplasm.

Green tea – though yellow might work as well – to match its rotting, cadaverous appearance.

I can’t put a finger on why, but it seems to me that the bold, earthy flavors of puerh would be perfect for the werewolf on your list.

I’m have no idea what tea dragons might prefer, but at least the fire-breathing ones never have to worry about it getting cold.

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