Recent and Upcoming Tea Books

If I had a copy of every book I’ve written about since taking up this tea writing thing, I’d surely have a bookshelf with several feet of books devoted to the subject. But tea is a whopping big topic, and there are always more books on the horizon. Here are a few of the latest and greatest, as well as a few that will be coming soon to a bookseller near you.

"Afternoon Tea: A Timeless Tradition" by Muriel Moffat  (Photo source: screen capture from site)
“Afternoon Tea: A Timeless Tradition” by Muriel Moffat (Photo source: screen capture from site)

Let’s start with China, which covers a pretty big subset of tea knowledge in and of itself. I mentioned Luo Jialin’s The China Tea Book last March but at the time it was still eight months from publication. It’s been on the shelves for a few months now, and we’ll be featuring a review in these very pages before long. All the Tea in China, by Kit Chow and Ione Kramer, hardly qualifies as a new book by any stretch of the imagination, given that it’s been around for more than two decades now. However, it is worth noting that a second edition will be released soon.

There’s no shortage of tea culture in Japan either and Making Tea, Making Japan: Cultural Nationalism in Practice, by Kristin Surak, is about one the best-known manifestations of Japanese tea culture – the Japanese tea ceremony. It’s a scholarly work that comes to us by way of the Stanford University Press and promises to take a close look at “one of the most evocative symbols of Japan.”

You may have heard something about the connection between tea and health – even if you live under a rock. Healing Herbal Teas, by Brigitte Mars, might be a little bit off the mark for purists, since it doesn’t deal with “real” tea but it’s out there nonetheless. Speaking of scholarly, Victor Preedy’s Tea in Health and Disease Prevention might go a bit too far into that realm for most of us, but at 1612 pages (and with a price tag of $171.45) it’s probably safe to say that it takes a thorough look at the topic.

It seems that there’s always room on the tea bookshelf for another book on afternoon tea and this time around it’s Muriel Moffat who contributes a slim volume titled Afternoon Tea: A Timeless Tradition. As the story goes, this one was apparently self-published and sold 30,000 copies at the hotel gift shop where the author took her tea for more than six decades before it was picked up by a traditional publisher.

Last up this time around, Sweet Tea Revenge, book number fourteen in the popular A Tea Shop Mystery series by Laura Childs.

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One thought on “Recent and Upcoming Tea Books

  1. I always appreciate review articles about tea books – so many to own, so little space! My personal hard copy tea library now stands at 712 publications covering books, technical reports and scientific papers and grows on a weekly basis.
    Nigel at Teacraft

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