Tea and the Full Moon

Nile Delta Camomile (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)
Nile Delta Camomile (Photo source: A.C. Cargill, all rights reserved)

You may not know this, but tea is a favorite beverage of the man in the moon. Just kidding. There is no man in the moon. No matter. Steep a pot of tea and raise a teacup toast to our nearest neighbor in that celestial vastness.

“Full moon” is one of those expressions that grew out of a time when mankind didn’t really know what that circle in the sky was. Science has revealed to us what it really is — an actual sphere about one-fourth the size of Earth and held in a gravitational orbit around us. The landing of a team of astronauts traveling there and Neil Armstrong setting the first human footprint there forever confirmed that fact.

The phases of the moon (full, half, quarter, crescent, new) are based on our view of that moon from here. When the moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun, the sunlight reflects off of it to us, and we see a full circle. As the moon continues its orbit, we see less and less of that circle until we see none (when the moon is on the same side of Earth that the Sun is but not directly aligned or there would be an eclipse).

That “full moon” with that full circle of light reflecting down on us is said to be the cause of many things: lunacy (named after the Latin word for the moon), lycanthropy (where that full moon brings out the inner beast), sleeplessness (with that light keeping you awake), and of course love! There is a tea for each. Really.


You can either go with something soothing to take away the madness or with something totally mad so that your mild madness won’t seem mad by comparison. Sort of like how beautiful women hang out with ugly women so they (the beautiful women) will look more beautiful (or so I’ve heard).

  • A soothing infusion of chamomile is a good alternative here. Egyptian chamomile is particularly fine and has a sweeter flavor than others, one that needs only a touch of honey to expand that sweetness.
  • A mad tea, however, is a rather tricky matter. It could be something with wild flavors added or just a really strong-tasting tea. Wild Blueberry Black Tea is a good option here. Blueberries pack a great deal of sweet, tangy flavor, and are enjoyed by many. This delicious organic black tea delivers an intoxicating aroma and sweet blueberry flavor that’s sure to be delicious hot or iced, especially when a pinch of sweetener is added. Though the blueberry is one of the world’s smaller fruits, it certainly doesn’t taste like it!

Lycanthropy (Beastliness)

The werewolf legend has lasted hundreds of years and been portrayed in movies countless times. An important part of that legend is the full moon bringing that beast to life. It’s also quite an allegory

  • Blood Orange Flavored Black Tea may sound like it’s more appropriate for vampires, but werewolves are pretty bloodthirsty, too. So indulge. And don’t worry. There’s no real blood in it. This is a quality high grown Ceylon tea with natural Blood Orange and other flavorings. Blood Oranges are native to Sicily in south Italy, and are sweeter and juicier than a regular orange, and of course, the flesh is of a deep red color. Lon Chaney, Jr., would have liked this one himself.


It can be tricky to sleep with that bright moonlight beaming down. And again you have two choices: try to sleep or give in and have a nice moonlight tea party.

  • To help you sleep, go for
  • To enjoy at that moonlight tea party, have some Angels Dream Tea. The natural flavors of Maple and Wild Blackberry enhance the excellent teas selected from the tea world’s finest regions -Sri Lanka, Formosa and Assam (India).


“By the light of the silvery moon, I want to spoon, to my honey I’ll croon love’s tune, Honeymoon keep a-shining in June, Your silvery beams will bring love dreams, we’ll be cuddling soon, By the silvery moon.” Yes, indeed, that song and a variety of movies, books, songs, paintings, etc., show the amorous effect that moon has on us humans. Teas can inspire such passions, too. A Tea Lovers Little Tea Pot Gift Set will pull together a lovely moonlight love affair! From the white gloss basket, rose-colored teapot and cup/saucer set, to the cookies, cake, teas, and other treats, you’ll be well-stocked and well-sated, as will your true love be!

Bottom Line

Keep an eye out for that next full moon and be sure to have those teas and treats handy, not matter what effects you experience!

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