Monthly Tea Gadget and Offbeat News Report VI

Is drinking tea bad for you? Well, apparently it is if you drink it to ridiculous excess. Of course, you could probably make the argument that anything you consume in ridiculous amounts becomes bad for you. A recent report in the New England Journal of Medicine has garnered a rather ridiculous amount of press in itself, now that you mention it. It told the tale of a woman who for seventeen years drank a pitcher of tea a day made with up to 150 tea bags, a habit which wreaked havoc on her teeth and bones. Perhaps it would be impolite of me to say that a little common sense might have prevented this, but there it is.

On a decidedly lighter note, how about some tea-scented toilet paper? No, it’s not a belated April Fool’s day joke. It’s hard to imagine that the Japanese could come up with something offbeat and quirky but that’s where these several “flavors” of the aforementioned product come from. As much as I love tea, I’m afraid I’ll pass. Ditto for the Earl Grey lip balm available here, along with other such flavors as Tupelo Honey and Mint Julep.

If you’re more in the mood for something tea-flavored that you can actually consume, then you might try a product from yet another brewer who’s decided to blend the two great tastes of beer and tea. Here’s a brief blurb on Flying Dog Green Tea Imperial Stout, which comes with a price tag more suited to a moderately decent wine.

It’s been way too long since we presented our noble readers with any strange and offbeat teapots, so it’s time to make amends. Here’s a roundup of 9 Unique Teapots from Real Simple magazine. For almost four times the quirky teapot goodness have a look at 33 Quirky Teapot Designs from the good people at Trend Hunter. Finally we close this edition of the gadget report with a truly unusual helmet fashioned from a tea kettle. There’s one for the tea lover who has absolutely everything.

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