Young Love

brit flagI fell in love with Britain at a young age, even going as far as wanting to live there when I grew up. When I did grow up, my life took different turns and I ended up staying in the United States. I figured the closest things to Great Britain would be to immerse myself into the food and culture. I became an English major at my college since I love to read and write. While my school offers a program to study abroad in Oxford, I am unable to go due to my current obligations. I hope to save up to go Britain for a visit so I can find the Globe Theatre, Big Ben, and ride a red double decker bus.

PG MonkeyHowever, Britain isn’t complete without a nice cuppa tea! I started my tea drinking journey with PG Tips after I watched one of their funny advertisements on their website featuring their mascot, a wooly monkey and his human companion, Al (played by English comedian Jonny Vegas). The tea bags are in pyramid form so the loose-leaf tea can unfurl and steep more freely than the standard, round, and flat teabags. The taste is smooth, crisp, and robust. The tea itself is strong when black but it can be mellowed out with the addition of milk.

digestiveFrom what I learned in my research, tea is an important part of life in Great Britain. My best friend and I went to an afternoon tea and I can see why the British love it so much! It’s very calming and relaxing to take some time to enjoy tea along with some sandwiches and tasty scones. Tea is considered a meal and there are a lot of places where you can stop have a nice cup of tea. When I have my tea at home, I enjoy it with some digestive biscuit dipped into my cup. But do be careful, they soak up rather quickly and can break apart and get lost in the bottom of the cup!



7 thoughts on “Young Love

  1. heiditea

    I do hope you get to England soon! I finally had the opportunity to go in 2012 and just loved London. I wasn’t able to partake of as much tea and tearooms as I would have like (husband, not a tea person) but we did have a nice afternoon tea at Kensington Palace and rode those double decker buses around the city. We even had a drive-by from the Queen and had witnesses to back up out story…unfortunately, we weren’t prepared for it and didn’t get one photo! Keep that dream alive and keep drinking the PG Tips. I love strong black teas and PG Tips is perfect.

    1. Hi! I am so glad you got to go! Yes, everyone who wants to go should go at least once if they can! I’m hoping to start my UK trip fund next year. I’m going to drag my boyfriend and since he works for Starbucks, he is starting to appreciate tea a little more. When I do go, I’m also hoping to take a trip to Ireland and Scotland as well! 🙂

  2. Online Stores

    I had no clue on the Big Ben! I remember the song, England Swings (Like a pendulum do, bobbies on bicycles two by two! Westminster Abbey and the tower of Big Ben, rosy read cheeks on the little children…)

  3. Lovely Crystal, makes me proud to be British! The Globe Theatre is a wonderful sight and built in Shakespeare’s times, Double decker buses are I think quite unique to the UK and did you know that they have changed the name of Big Ben to the Elizabethan Tower in acknowledgement of Queen Elizabeth II being on the throne for 60 years in 2012? Everyone still calls it Big Ben though!!

  4. I too was born & raised in England & came to the USA to live when I was 20 years old. I miss everything about England very much & my husband & I enjoy an english digestive chocolate biscuit with our coffee on Sunday mornings. I also love a cup of tea.

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