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A British Classic: English Breakfast Tea

Previously, we looked at Rooibos tea so today we are going to explore a British classic in tea, English Breakfast. It is one of the most standard teas for tea lovers, ranging from beginner to connoisseur. You may have seen them in supermarkets here in the US, with a wide range in the tea aisle, so they are usually easy to find.

So what makes an English Breakfast Tea? English Breakfast Teas are an exquisite mix of Kenyan, Assam, and Ceylon teas, built to give a punch of caffeine when prepared and consumed. English Breakfast teas are generally drunk in the morning to help wake up and goes perfectly well with a bowl of porridge or a traditional English fry-up. It brews a wonderfully rich dark color with a delightful malty flavor. It also has a medium caffeine content between 27 to 35 milligrams when steeped for about five minutes. It’s small compared to the caffeine content a cup of coffee has (which is about 95mg).

How to brew this tea is very important. Boil the kettle and use the freshly boiled water for this tea. Add one teaspoon of loose (or one teabag if you have teabags) tea in any way you like to brew, whether it is a strainer or an infuser. Steep for about 3 to 5 minutes, or else the tea will make the tea taste bitter. Enjoy this tea however you like it, whether it’s with milk and sugar or no milk and a slice of lemon. English Breakfast teas can easily be customized to suit your taste.

You can get English Breakfast teas from just about anywhere. Many tea companies including English Tea Store and Twinings make their own versions of this British classic. Whichever brand you choose, try an English Breakfast for yourself and be the judge.



2 responses to “A British Classic: English Breakfast Tea”

  1. I find English to typically be the weakest of the three and Scottish to be the strongest and most malty in character.

  2. Could you tell me, please, the difference between English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast and Scottish Breakfast teas.


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