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Spring Time Tea Time

With the weather outside improving and most pandemic restrictions being lifted it’s a perfect time to have a spring tea party. 

Start out by setting out a selection of finger sandwiches of egg salad, chicken salad, or cream cheese and vegetable cut into little rectangles. You can group them by type or mix them up on a plate or tray.

Next, brew a pot of your favorite tea, whether it’s a traditional British one like PG Tips or one of our new spring teas. Try our Springberry herbal tea, a fruity infusion of strawberries and rooibos tea, so it’s caffeine free. Set out some sugar and some honey sticks along with some milk using a pastel colored Amsterdam cream and sugar set such as pink or blue. This way your guests can customize their tea to their liking.

Then bring out a plate of freshly baked scones along with some bowls of jam and cream. Set out some fresh cut fruit like berries and melon and enjoy with scones or on the side.

If you are hosting a tea party with children then it would be ideal to try the Royal Doulton Bunnykins tea set. It’s small enough for little hands and cute enough to be adored by grownups thanks to the adorable. Serve the children cookies with lemonade or a squash drink such as Ribena in lieu of scones and piping hot tea.

Finally, it’s not a spring tea party without Cadbury Creme Eggs! Order a 10 pack of regular Creme Eggs or a mix of Creme Egg and Caramel. Place these eggs in a bowl, on the table, or if you feel clever, put them in Stoneware egg cups. But if you prefer to be more sensible with sweets, then Cadbury Mini-Creme Eggs are ideal for a smaller sweet tooth.

For more Easter goodies and teaware, check out our entire selection.


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