20 Reasons to Drink Tea in March

As if you need a reason, there are tons of days in March to celebrate with a cuppa tea. I have focused on 20 of these dates to get you started!

But first, I want to point out a couple of dates that are pretty special:

  • Daylight Savings Time begins March 13th. Woe to tea drinkers. We have to “spring forward” an hour on the clocks. This means you’ll need to double up on your tea consumption to make up for the lost time.
  • Full moon at 2:10 pm EDT on March 19th. Have a howling good tea time baying at that moon.

On to those 20 very special reasons to drink tea during this transitional month (from Winter to Spring).

  1. March is Music in Our Schools Month, so have a tea fit for the musician in your life.
  2. This is also Poetry Month. You can wax rhapsodic about your favorite tea. No need to rhyme. Just let your feelings out.
  3. The 2nd week is National Bubble Week. Celebrate by blowing bubbles in your tea with a drinking straw, or maybe have a glass of that Taiwanese favorite, bubble tea!
  4. Old Stuff Day — March 2nd — A day to recognize the boring nature of your daily routine and make a few changes. Devoted tea drinkers, though, see this as a day to clean out those old teas from their pantry.
  5. Peach Blossom Day — March 3rd — A day to celebrate peach blossoms, which symbolize “pretty,” “delicate,” “dainty,” and “sweet smelling.” Have some peach-flavored tea and let your inner dainty self bloom!
  6. Multiple Personality Day — March 5th — If you’ve heard of the movie The Three Faces of Eve, then you know about multiple personalities. Satisfy both your green tea lover personality and your black tea lover personality by having a nice Oolong, which is oxidized in-between them.
  7. Middle Name Pride Day — March 10th — Lots of people go by their middle names. Support them by throwing a parade and carrying mugs of tea!
  8. Worship of Tools Day — March 11th — There are lots of “tools” involved in steeping tea, not to mention the tools and machinery that tea growers and processors use. Celebrate with tea!
  9. Jewel Day — March 13th — It’s all about the sparklers, from sapphires to emeralds. Celebrate with a coupla jewels of Darjeeling teas: Ayra Ruby and Arya Diamond.
  10. Ides of March — March 15th — Anyone who knows his/her Shakespeare knows this date. Celebrate not having back-stabbing friends (unlike Julius Caesar) with a potful of strong tea!
  11. Everything You Do Is Right Day — March 16th — No comment needed! Just enjoy some tea your way.
  12. Freedom of Information Day — March 16th — After you get through reading the information the government has collected on you, share some information about tea with friends and family.
  13. Poultry Day — March 19th — Don’t be chicken. Try a new tea!
  14. Extraterrestrial Abductions Day — March 20th — Every now and then I like to visit the Mother Planet. (Kidding!) Stage an out-of-this-world tea time.
  15. Fragrance Day — March 21st — No perfumes or manly colognes here. Open up a package of fresh tea and inhale deeply its rich and varied aroma. From planty to grassy, from fruity to earthy, teas can please your olfactory sense.
  16. Near Miss Day — March 23rd — This is supposed to be about an asteroid that passed within 500,000 miles of us. But my theory is that it’s about single guys getting close to that special single gal. An aphrodisiac-style tea would be good here.
  17. International Waffle Day — March 25th — Have some for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a potful of tea. What could be tastier?
  18. Smoke and Mirrors Day — March 29th — It’s about illusions, what you think you see and hear versus what is real. Of course, it could be about cigarettes and seeing your reflection showing those Winter pounds. Avoid both today and drink some healthy, slimming tea!
  19. Take a Walk in the Park Day — March 30th — Carry a travel mug of green tea.
  20. National Clam on the Half Shell Day — March 31st — Lots of teas go well with seafood, such as Dragonwell or Ceylon Green. Have one with your fave seafood dish.

Time for me to go celebrate a most special day: another day of being alive. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “20 Reasons to Drink Tea in March

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  2. john

    Full moon? Poultry day?!?

    No, March 19th is better known as:
    – My birthday, and
    – Feast of St. Joseph

    Let’s keep things real here 😉

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