Teawares Card Game

Do your teawares have a secret life, that is, recreational activities they engage in when they’re not busy steeping tea for you? Yes, it sounds silly and downright improbable, after all, these are inanimate, insentient objects. Right? Well, we thought so, too, until…

Teawares Card Game
Teawares Card Game

Ever have one of those nights when you try and try and try to get to sleep? It’s a time when your body is totally fatigued but your brain is buzzing. You close your eyes but in a few seconds they pop back wide open. Close — open! Close — open! Close — open! Yeah, like that. You may even start to drop off to sleep only to have some event of the day or some task to be done come blaring into your consciousness. Aaagh! Finally, you give up and head to the kitchen for warm milk or a cuppa chamomile tisane (no, it’s not tea!).

Well, that’s exactly what happened to hubby and me one night. The only difference was what we found going on when we reached the kitchen. Actually, the action was in the dining room — and we do mean action!

At first, all seemed normal. I poured water into a measuring cup and put it in the microwave to heat. Hubby got out the chamomile and put some into a small teapot, or at least he would have except that the teapot wasn’t there. We started looking around the kitchen — in the dishwasher, in the cupboards, and in the tea pantry. Nothing. Then, we heard noise coming from the dining room and went there to investigate.

Our round dining table had been turned into a mini-Vegas scene, with various of our teawares, from teapots, mugs and cups to a cream pitcher in a circle. They were holding cards. They were talking and laughing. They had stacks of pennies in front of themselves and another pile in the table center. What they weren’t doing is their jobs of heating water, steeping tea, and serving it to us, their humans. Unconscionable!

All sounds and movement ceased as soon as they became aware that we were standing at the Dining Room doorway open-mouthed, gaping at them in total disbelief.

You’re probably thinking that this was all really just a dream, that the whole “we couldn’t sleep” thing was a set-up. That’s Hollywood’s influence. Every time the writers get stuck or the producer wants to reduce costs, they pull out the hackneyed ploy of saying it was all a dream. Or, worse, that some evil twin did it. We can assure you that neither is the case here. It was real.

Hubby and I don’t gamble, or even play poker, so we have no idea where our teawares picked up these habits.

What we do know is that the cards are now locked safely away and we are encouraging our teawares to stick to their intended purpose. So far, so good.

Until the next time…

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