My Love of Tea – A Review

I have been writing about tea for almost a year now and I’ve ranted on about a lot of stuff. There is, however, one thing I’ve never done and that is a review.

It’s not for want of trying. I drink different teas, I have opinions on them, and I would often like to share these opinions. The problem is every time I start writing one it goes the same way. A quick description of how the tea tastes and then instead of any kind of critique just a couple of examples of situations the tea would be perfect for.

For me, it seems, there are no bad teas, just bad timings.

It may be that my taste is just not refined enough to detect the subtle good and bad characteristics of each individual brew. I have, after all, been known to enjoy tea from a vending machine. The type of tea served in one of those ultra thin plastic cups specifically designed to transfer scalding heat straight from the contents to your poor sensitive hands.

I know that objectively it doesn’t taste good but if you’re in a railway station at some ungodly hour and it’s cold and your train is delayed and you can’t pace to keep warm because if you move that strange man on the other end of the platform will notice you and starting talking to you instead of himself again, then nothing is going to taste as wonderful as that terrible tea from that vandalised machine.

Perhaps I am still just young a naïve in my tea career. If so I hope I stay that way for a while to come. When I learn to critique a tea properly I’m sure that will be a pleasure all of it’s own but for now the simple joy of just liking tea is enough for me.

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