Recipe – Orange & Chocolate Chip Cake

Julia Briggs (c)

Is it OK to say I do not like chocolate cake?  I do make chocolate cakes and I do eat some chocolates, like Maltesers but I have never been a fan of rich chocolate cakes so I make this orange flavour cake and put chocolate chips in and it is good.

You can of course use cocoa powder in place of some of the flour if you want a chocolate colour, you can also use milk, plain or white chocolate chips, I only had white chocolate in stock.  I filled half with orange marmalade and half with lemon curd and butter icing to satisfy the whole family!

You will need: Two 8″ cake tins well greased or one well greased 10″ cake tin. Oven 180 C  350 F  Gas Mark 4

  • 8 oz Butter
  • 8 oz Caster Sugar
  • 4 eggs, beaten
  • A few drops of vanilla essence
  • A few drops of orange essence
  • 8 oz Self Raising flour
  • Grated rind of an orange
  • juice of half an orange
  • 4 oz chocolate chips
Julia Briggs (c)

Cream the butter with the sugar until light and fluffy then add the beaten eggs with a spoonful of flour and the vanilla and orange essence.  Fold in the flour, grated rind, juice and chocolate chips.  Pour into two 8″ cake tins or one 10″ tin.  Cook for 35 minutes until well risen and firm to the touch.  Leave in the tin to cool slightly, using a cake tester or needle prick all over the top of the cake and then mix the other half of the orange juice with a little hot water and pour onto the cake. When slightly cool take from the tin and place on a wire rack until completely cold.

Slice the cake, or not if you have made two!  Spread orange marmalade or lemon cheese on the bottom half then cream or butter icing onto the underside of the top half of the cake.  Sandwich them together and enjoy a piece with a cup of tea.


–  JAB

One thought on “Recipe – Orange & Chocolate Chip Cake

  1. Gail

    Hi non lover of “Chocolate Cake.”
    First, it is perfectly fine to like or to dislike particular foods.
    No judgements and no laws need apply other than to aim for reasonable good health, to be willing to try new and different food items and to savor each bite or sip of what you adjudge to be good.
    Second, food opinions vary from palate to palate. Flavor, taste, texture and enjoyment, regarding foods, are very personal experiences. e.g. Do we all see the same color “blue?” Hmmm…
    I do enjoy chocolate cake, however, I tend to prefer lighter foods and desserts, so a lighter and less fat-laden chocolate cake is more my speed.
    Your choice of an orange cake with chocolate chips is a truly delightful flavor mix! My personal favorite mixture for a sweet is chocolate and orange.
    I almost always add “orange extract” and a good shake of “cinnamon” to chocolate brownie batter. It is delightful!
    Enjoy sharing your cake with a nice cup of tea or coffee!

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