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With National Iced Tea Month in full swing, you might be wondering what kind of iced tea to make. Do you want to try something different from your normal iced tea? Then why not try a new tea to ice! Here are the types of tea that you can make into a refreshing glass of heaven. There is something for everyone.

Fruit and Caffeine Free – There has always been black or green tea with fruit but have you ever had a plain fruit tea? Fruit teas are usually tisanes, or otherwise known as herbal tea since it does not have caffeine in it. Many fruit teas made are usually fruit pieces, peels, flowers, and sometimes tea. Some herbal teas like chamomile and rooibos are the tea itself. More traditional teas like black and green sometimes have caffeine taken out, but take note that they are not completely caffeine free. Fruit teas are perfect for kids!

Green Tea is growing in popularity, so it is no surprise that iced green tea is trending. Many coffee and tea cafes sell iced green tea, either unflavored, unsweetened, or flavored and sweetened. Popular flavors for iced green tea include mint, lemon, and strawberry. The result is a cool, refreshing taste that will make you forget it’s summer.

White Tea is a young tea leaf with silvery white hairs that is picked early so get your iced tea early in the summer! Basic white is a good way to start but if you want to be more adventurous, try your white iced tea with a floral note and mild taste, the Pai Mu Tan White Tea. For a tropical flavor, go for the Oasis Mango White Tea, which provides a delicate but sweet flavor that will take you to the beach. Plus, white tea has a small amount of caffeine so iced white tea could give you a little pick-me-up.

Black Tea – The classic! Iced tea is normally made with black tea, especially in the case of Southern Sweet Tea. In general, iced black tea is the most popular type of iced tea in the US with raspberry, peach, and lemon being the most popular flavors. The best part about black tea is that there is so much variety of black tea. Darjeeling, Ceylon, Chai, if there is a black tea you prefer, you can ice it! Homemade iced tea allows you to customize it however you please. Add milk and sugar, unsweetened, or add some of your favorite fruit.



Good-direction-for-Irish-tourism-Ireland.jpgBarry’s Tea, an Ireland delicacy, began in 1901 by James Barry. His tea loving family and himself started a little shop on Prince’s Street in Cork City. Most of their tea was sourced from India & Sri Lanka.

James began handing down his expertise in the family and in 1934, Anthony Barry, a relative of James, had been awarded the Empire Cup for tea blending.

By the mid 1980’s, Barry’s had become a national brand. You can purchase Barry’s Tea all over the world! Even though they are now a nation wide seller, they are still committed to Ireland in as many ways as possible. They support cultural, educational and community projects by donation.

They have evolved from just selling black tea to now selling fruit & herbal teas.


At ETS, our best seller is the Gold Blend Tea Bags:

  • Made in IrelandBarry's Tea Gold Blend Tea bags - 80 count
  • Company’s Best Seller
  • Refreshing Taste
  • Black Tea
  • Caffeinated
  • $8.39 / 80 Bags



“Barry’s Gold Blend Tea is THE BEST tea – refreshing Irish gold tea, indeed it is! Great Hot or Cold – no sugar needed as it is always smooth and enjoyable.” – Harper, an ETS Customer





Another best seller is the Irish Breakfast Tea Bags:

  • Made in IrelandBarry's Tea Irish Breakfast Tea Bags - 80 count
  • Smooth & Mild
  • Black Tea
  • Caffeinated
  • $7.49 / 80 Bags




“I drank this almost exclusively in Ireland. I am so glad that I can order it hear. It is so delicious with a sugar cube and splash of cream!” – Melliot, an ETS Customer



blueberry-sweet-fruitOur other Tea of the Month is Bingo Blueberry, a full flavored tea with a strong blueberry character. Enjoy 15% off this tea for the rest of the month. This particular tea was specially formulated to acknowledge the great taste and known health benefits of blueberries. In addition to the antioxidants in the blueberries, hibiscus brings the added benefits of Vitamin A and C to the blend. Bingo Blueberry will accommodate the tastes of people who want to experience a refreshing healthy new style drink without caffeine. It is excellent as a hot drink and simply dynamite as a cold drink. You will want to add a pinch of natural cane sugar as this accentuates the natural flavorings and brings out the subtle tastes of the dried

Ingredients in this tea are fruit pieces and flower petals. What better way to welcome spring?


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