Ancient Chinese civilizations first used green tea for better health over 4,000 years ago. Infusions of green tea were administered to sufferers for the relief of ailments from a simple headache to psychosis. Today, green tea has been proven by the University of Purdue to be an effective combatant of cancer due to its catechin polyphenol content that includes epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG); a rich powerful antioxidant that inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

Green TeaAntioxidants prevent free radicals, which are inhaled in the air we breathe or consumed in the food we eat. Generally, free radicals damage healthy cells and subsequently make you sick. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables such as yellow, red and green bell peppers; lemons; tomatoes; plums; blueberries; raspberries; and strawberries all contain quantities of antioxidants to boost the immune system and protect from cellular damage—and green tea is a powerful guardian amongst these plant-based disease fighters.

Green tea health benefits differ dramatically from black teas health benefits due to the fact that green tea is steamed Green Teaduring the little processing it requires, retaining its EGCG, while other teas lose most of this valuable chemical when undergoing fermentation in the oxidization process.

Research indicates that drinking green tea on a regular basis helps burn fat and elevates good (HDL) cholesterol levels while lowering bad (LDL) cholesterol levels in the blood, making green tea a healthy alternative to drinking coffee and a beneficial element to add to the diet. Green tea contains less caffeine than coffee, which is a bonus to those who, on the advice of their physician, need to reduce their daily caffeine intake. An average of six cups of green tea may be consumed to equal the caffeine content of just one cup of coffee.

Green tea is not just for drinking; green tea extract can be found as one of the main ingredients in a number of popular body pampering products including hand lotions and shampoos, conditioners and astringents to effectively work from the outside in. Drink green tea often for optimum health, from the inside — out!