It Fits Everyone On Your List

Christmas is almost here and that means fun and festive times with friends and family! Delicious food, the smell of the Christmas tree, decorations, the holiday specials on TV, and the arrival of loved ones. After the festivities comes everyone’s favorite activity: presents. Now, I love to receive gifts as much as the next person …

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Recipe – Cheese Straws

Cheese straws are a very popular party food here in the UK. or these used to be in the 1970's anyway!!  They are though, making a bit of a come-back with all the baking shows we now have on TV and they do go very well with Tea.  So if you want to try something …

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Tea Is Great for Around the House

I actually dye my hair with tea and coffee, between colorings. It keeps the roots from being so stark, caffeine is known to stimulate hair follicles so it is thicker, and it’s just way cheaper. Brew it strong, cool to tepid, pour over your hair, top with a thick leave-in conditioner, cover with a shower cap overnight, then wash as normal in the morning. I do this once a month or more.

Tea Blog

Did you know tea has more uses than simply being a delightful beverage? Tea is used for health and beauty, around the house, and in the garden. Products that have multiple uses are wonderful. You conserve space by having fewer items that double to perform several functions and save a little money too.

Tea Has Many Uses

Ladies, you can skip your salon visit this week. You can color your hair with tea. I love this idea, because it does not damage my hair or have a dreadful aroma like that of chemically processed hair color. Another great beauty idea is you can appear as if you went tanning using tea! No tanning bed or lying out in the sun needed. All you need is two cups of brewed black tea, rosemary, sage, and a spray bottle. It is so easy; all that is required is spraying mixture onto your skin and blot…

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Delicious Tea and Food Combinations

Tea is the new wine! Pairing tea with various foods is similar to pairing with wine. Usually people serve white wine with white meat and red wine with red meat. There is a misguided perception that the color of the wine and food determine how the two are paired together. It is all about providing …

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Recipe – Mince Pies

My kitchen smells just like Christmas today, I have been making mince pies and ginger biscuits today.  For the mince pies I made my own pastry and I made Rough puff Pastry.  You can use bought pastry and you can use shortcrust or flaky or puff it is all a matter of taste.  For the …

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Make Your Tea Taste Better

Are you dissatisfied with your cup of tea? The reason for this may be you are making tea mistakes. Did you know tea leaves expand during the brewing process and tea can be brewed too long? Read on to see if you identify with any tea mistakes. Mistake #1:    Several tea drinkers believe tea purchased …

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Tea: A Delicious and Healthy Beverage

  Wouldn't it be great to find a great tasting beverage that has the potential to improve your health? There is such a beverage - tea. Research has indicated that tea is healthier than water. This definitely a positive point since tea has more flavor. So, what are the potential health benefits? Research has found …

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Recipe – Victoria Sandwich

I mentioned in another post a Victoria Sandwich but if you do not know what a Victoria sandwich is then here is the recipe.  A very easy cake to make that does not keep well but then after the first bite you will not want to keep it but eat it with a cup of …

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Recipe – Yule Log

Christmas would not be Christmas without the food and a Yule log is something that is easy to make, looks impressive and taste good.  I use a Swiss roll basic recipe and cover it with chocolate butter cream.  So first we will make a Swiss roll, which is basically a fatless sponge.  You will need: …

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Tea Has a Conscience

Have you heard the publicity surrounding organic and fair-trade tea? If you have not, that is okay too. In all truth, I just heard about organic and fair-trade tea fairly recently. Turns out that tea is harvested by a number of people in developing countries working for menial wages and grown using harsh chemicals that …

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